Edoovillage #1685 - India, Lungpher: Lungpher Phawngpui English Institute


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Edoovillage #1685 - India, Lungpher: Lungpher Phawngpui English Institute


Lungpher 796891 Lungpher , MZ
23° 46' 48" N, 92° 58' 12" E
Mizoram IN
Coordinating hub(s): 
Project title: 
Lungpher Phawngpui English Institute
On-site point of contact: 

Chhuantea, Ph No: +918837440270 / +917085545729

Project description: 

Lungpher Phawngpui English Institute is the only secondary school in Lungpher village town. Since the age group of the students are in great need of physical and mental exercises. They are in need of developing knowledge, personality, language and communication skills. Moreover, many of the students have not even touched a computer. The electronic resources donated by Labdoo will indeed be a magnificent learning opportunity for the children and the community.

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Number of dootronics needed: 
Local language(s): 
Lai, Mizo, English
Socket voltage: 
220-240 Volts
Socket type: 
Internet connection type: 
Date it was created: 08/04/20/
Date it was last updated: 08/04/20


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