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Feature request

A user (Elena) found that there was no description for the fields in the Labdoo dashboards. While some are intuitive, for other fields it might be difficult to know their meaning. This task is about adding helper descriptions for all fields.


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Enviado por jordi el Dom, 09/15/2019 - 07:03

This is now resolved. Extended the existing helper, which previously was only explaining "how to search" with additional information on the meaning of each field in the dashboards. The new field descriptions focus only on the fields that are subject to ambiguity, for instance we don't describe the meaning of the field "Country" as that is trivial. But if you feel we should, this can also be easily extended by any wiki editor, feel free.

To see this new feature, go to any of the dashboards, for instance:

Click on where it now says "Helper: How to search and description of fields", this will take you to this Helper page:

Where you now have the table of field descriptions:

Table. Meaning of fields in the Labdoo Dashboards
Field Meaning
Needed Total number of dootronics demanded by this edoovillage or hub
Remaining Total number of dootronics demanded by this edoovillage or hub that have still not been delivered
% Completed Percentage of completion, computed as (Needed - Remaining) / Needed * 100
Delivered Total number of dootronics delivered to this edoovilage or by this hub
Capacity Total number of dootronics that can be carried by this dootrip
In transit Total number of dootronics that are currently in transit traveling to an edoovillage
Transported Total number of dootronics that have already been transported to an edoovillage

To re-iterate, since the above lives in a wiki page part of the Labdoo manual, if you see a typo or would like to extend the field descriptions with additional ones, please go ahead and help improve. If you do so, please tell others you have updated this info so we can cross-review.

I am going to send a separate message to the translation team so we can translate the string "Helper: How to search and description of fields" to all available languages.