Can't install special image to harddrive


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This is the first time I am setting up laptop for Labdoo, and I think I have a tricky one for the start :).

First it has a small 32 GB harddrive. After reading through all the good documentation I've found the PAE64_20_04_LTS_EN_22 image in the special section.
Second thing was changing boot option to Legacy and using the Labtix based on the Labtix_2_08.iso. So far so good.

Where I am stuck now is the copying the 22.04 image onto the drive. I have tried the 2-click install with zzzFM as well as the install with ClonZilla. Attached are pictures of the error message ClonZilla generates.

I also tried to prepare the former Windows drive by changing the partionions. ext4 was used for the drive format. Is this correct for Linux installs?
In the 20.04 image folder there are drives called out as sda1, the ones in my laptop are named mmcblk0. Could this cause a problem?

Any other ideas what I am doing wrong?


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the image you are using is based on 20.04 LTS. Labtix 2 is only able to clone 22.04 LTS. There is a old Labtix 1 iso Check wiki, is explained there.
You should not accept laptops with a 32 GB drive, too small. 60 GB or even 120 GB are the minimum we suggest at Labdoo Germany. The 32 GB drive is often mounted permanantely and cannot be removed. We dump such devices, even sad.
Labtix will show you the available drives. sda is default, but target drive has to be changed to mmcblk0 in your case.
This special image was not uploaded by Labdoo (Germany) as the other "official" images. So we have no information. But 20.04 image and 22.04 Labtix are 2 different tried, with you tried to mix up.
Ralf, Team (Germany)