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to make Labdoos contribution related to Corona / COVID-19 better visible on our web-site we are going to add COVID-19 to the name of an edoovillage. If you visit and type-in COVID-19 into free-text search, you will get a list of all projects worldwide, where Labdoo contributed to help during Corona crisis.

If you are a manager of such a project, please add COVID-19 to the project's name, so we can filter and show it as well.

If you need an additional filter (e.g. Labdoo in Catalonia added COVID-19-CAT to be able to filter for projects in Catalonia) feel free to add some letters.

Um Labdoos Beitrag zur Milderung der Corona / COVID-19 bedingten Probleme auf unserer Webseite besser sichtbar zu machen, ergänzt bitte COVID-19 im Titel eines Edoovillage (Projektes) mit Corona-Bezug. Geht auf und tippt COVID-19 in der Freitextsuche ein. Dies zeigt euch alle Projekte weltweit, bei denen Labdoo Hilfe während der Coronakrise geleistet hat.

Falls Ihr Hubmanager seid und ein solches Projekt pflegt, ergänzt bitte COVID-19 im Projektnamen, damit es bei der Suche als Treffer angezeigt wird.

Thank you / Danke

Ralf, (Germany / Deutschland)


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Enviado por jordi el Mar, 05/05/2020 - 09:28

Thank you Ralf.

We also just modified the Labdoo code to accept dynamic searches from the URL. So you can now track Labdoo's global progress against the digital divide caused by COVID-19 from the following single URL that is updated in real time:

As mentioned by Ralf, when you create a COVID related edoovillage, please make sure to add the keyword "COVID-19" in the title of the edoovillage. This is important to ensure that your edoovillage will show up in the global tracking of progress against the pandemic. Here is an example of how to add this keyword in the title of a project:

Again, you can also add an additional suffix like COVID-19-DE (for Germany) or COVID-19-USA for USA, etc.

Thank you for all the global team effort!

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Enviado por jordi el Mar, 05/05/2020 - 09:51

(PS: A technical comment. Note that one limitation of this view is that the world map does not reflect the true state because the filter is implemented dynamically against the underlying database query. But the table generated and the csv / spreadsheet that you can download from this dashboards accurately reflect the state of those COVID-related delivered laptops.)