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Dear Team
My name is Rehema Konza, from Dar es salaam Tanzania, iam the founder of non profit organization called WEEDO, i have 10 laptops that help girls to have free education in kigamboni Dar es salaam.We are so grateful

We have one problem in all laptops we have
All we have access on one user name called "GUEST SESSION" this user name doesn't have password to log in except others , Our main problem is in saving document, when we work on some information and finish we want to save these documents , we do save and we that but when computer turn off or restarting these saved document disappear , you can search but you will not find them we need help on this because its important for us to have saved documents.


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Enviado por Rhein-Ruhr-Hub el Jue, 03/11/2021 - 08:23

Dear Rehema,
this is a special feature of the user guest, not a bug. When a guest ends a session, everything will be cleaned up, setting changed will be reset to default etc. The only way to avoid loosing documents is either to store them on external devices, e.g. USB discs or sticks. Or to log-in as user student. For user student documents etc. are kept, not removed when logging out.
I hope this information was helpful for you and your project.
Team Labdoo.org (Germany)