End of year balance and Happy New Year 2018


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Hello every one in the Labdoo Teams!

We wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year 2018 and share with you how good 2017 was in terms of the global progress achieved by the Labdoo Project and thanks to all of you.

Here are some 2017 highlights:

  • 37% increase in dootronics tagged compared to 2016 (this past year we tagged a total of 3735 dootronics, that's more than 10 laptops a day)
  • 30% increase in schools projects created compared to 2016 (this past year we created a total of 297 school projects, that's almost one project a day)
  • We reached the remarkable milestone of 1000 schools worldwide receiving Labdoo laptops.
  • 49% increase in number of dootrips. (Note: This higher increment is likely due to an increment in the actual dootrips that are registered because the dootrips functionality in the platform is a relatively new. Some times people still forget to register their dootrips, it's very important to do so. So remember to make sure that every shipped laptop has a dootrip assigned to it!)

Attached below a screenshot of the end of year balance (click also on the web link below to see this screenshot)

A good amount of the project growth has come from the Germany/Switzerland/Austria region who is doing a remarkable job, although all the other regions where we have Labdoo hubs (currently 234 hubs and branches) have also made great progress and contributions throughout. Notice that a goal of Labdoo is not just to grow, but to do it in a stable and sustainable manner. That's one reason we created the Labdoo School Hubs program, where 14 year old kids take action by sanitizing laptops from their own schools and learn the values of cooperation, sustainability, and respect for the planet.

Overall it's been an amazing year and as we initiate 2018, we want to say thank you to all of you who day by day are making the Labdoo Project possible. Looking forward to continue improving and working together with all of you in 2018.

The Labdoo Team