How to share a conversation with other teams and users


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Some times you may want to start a conversation within a team but make it also available to other teams. Or you may also want to have a finer control on what users your conversation is shared with. When creating a new conversation, this can be done via the "Sharing options" panel, as shown in the following picture:

Figure. Click on "Sharing options" to select who you want to share your conversation with.

If you to don't want to share the message with all the members of the team, uncheck the option "Share with all members of this team".

If you want to share the conversation with other teams, use the field "Share with additional teams".

If you want to share with specific users (even if they are not in the selected team), use the field "Share with additional users".

If you want to share with a person's email address (e.g., someone who does not have a Labdoo account), use the field "Share with additional email addresses".

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