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Since 2009 it is forbidden by law to import used computers to Uganda. Is there a legal way e.g. are there exceptions?
I ask, because I encountered problems at the customs this year at Entebbe airport.
If someone is interested I share the whole story ;-).


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Dear TIA,
Labdoo is aware of this situation at Uganda and some other countries. That is why Labdoo strongly recommends NOT to import IT donations by ship or air freight, but by travelers (one by one). Uganda e.g. is asking for 35% tax on a computer being imported, based on the market prize of date of first market entries. Which can lead to incredible high tax sums for old hardware.
Labdoo gives 1 or 2 laptops to each traveler, leaving from a Labdoo hub to the project or school region. This traveler can pass the custom and give the laptops to the school / project. So Labdoo brought many thousands of laptops abroad, with no costs.
To support the process, Labdoo give a supporting letter to each traveler, explaining that the laptops are a free donation for educational purposes. And that the laptops are fully functionally and not broken (no e-waste). For some countries Labdoo got official confirmation documents from the government, to allow free import. Most countries are not afraid of importing old computer, but broken ones (electronic waste).
I hope I could answer some of your questions. (Germany)