Minimizing errors when typing Id numbers


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We are now sanitizing many laptops so, once in a while, we make mistakes when typing the id when tagging. Some of us (I personally do that once in a while) may swap codes form 12394 to 12943 or similar.
I know of two possible solutions for that and would like to know and share about them:

a) Add a Check digit-

b) Extract all the info with an USB connected to internet, sending the id number (previously sanitized, i guess) toghether with the Serial Number as well as other main laptop specifications. I am not sure this reduces errors as much as the other solution, but may be combined could lead to higher efficiency and reduce other errors such as the s/n.

Could you please explain these or other solutions and give your opinion and recomendations about them?


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Enviado por frankgeisler el Lun, 03/22/2021 - 19:48

Hi Elena

We in Switzerland are using a check-digit ID. That has helped us enormous, especially if helpers have to add hundreds of numbers manually and it brought the number of errors nearly down to zero.

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Hello together

Here is how the calculation of the digit works:

Labdoo checksum calculation algorithm.

Labdoo ID has a form of -, e.g. 12735-4.

The last part after the dash is the check digit.

The check digit is calculated as follows:
* start with checksum = 0
* for all digits, starting from right to left:
* for odd indices, multiply by 3, for even indices, keep as-is.

Rightmost index of the Labdoo DB id number is an odd one (first digit).
* add the result to the checksum
* checksum modulo 10 is the check digit

For example:
DB id number: 12735
(5*3 + 3 + 7*3 + 2 + 1*3) % 10 = 44 % 10 = 4
Check digit: 4
Labdoo ID on the sticker: 12735-4

This protects from a digit mistake, e.g.:
3 mistaken for 8: 12785 -> 49, check digit 9
and from swapped digits:
3 and 5 swapped: 12753 -> 40, check digit 0
This algorithm is essentially based on the product bar codes check digit (as used on all products in grocery stores):

Except our algorithm doesn't use the last step of the UPC algorithm (doesn't convert the digit into a 10-complement).

Thanks to Sebastian from our Swiss team who put all of this together!