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Inside the dootronic form, is there a field for the hub to record the donor's information without being publicly displayed to secure donor's privacy? I thought at one point we created the "Additional note" for that purpose? However, I just realized both Additional note and Techincal note are all open for the public view now. "Thanks!


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Enviado por jordi el Vie, 03/22/2019 - 22:53

It looks like all the fields are visible. I believe you are right that we used to have a "notes" field that was hidden for that purpose, but not sure if at some point this was made visible too. Maybe it was only in version 1.0.

It looks like no one else has mentioned this in the 4 years that we've been running 2.0, do you think this would be useful? there are other subtle implications to this such as: do you want this field to be searchable? will this be prone to error as some people may inadvertently start using the hidden notes instead of the non-hidden notes?

If this is only for a few laptops, would it make sense that you keep this private information in a separate local spreadsheet?