Problema after cleaning.


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After clean hard disc show red messaje "t'he directory /home/partimage/ES for t'he imputed name dies not exist".
When I oppen directory hard disc there us an error missatge." Mount/seva/Ada....finished whith error....Undevil:error 64. Unable to determinate decile fstype specify with -t"

I've repeate clean, try other PAE versión , try diferent possibilités for instalación (antrix. Save mode.... )
The dooptronic us a minipc Eee904HD 32. bits.


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Enviado por Rhein-Ruhr-Hub el Lun, 04/13/2020 - 10:28

Hi Elena,
first, you are cloning a 32 Bit image, which is not supported anymore ;)
There can be several reasons causing your problem: the laptop might have lost the contact to external USB-drive for a short while and it is not mounted anymore. The image on the external disc might be corrupted / partially deleted. User made a mistake. Or the internal disk is corrupt (can be checked using GSMART).
Please check first, if the images folder on external drive was not deleted / corrupted. If problem stays even after rebooting, you can use a different media for the image, e.g. a server or another USB-drive. If you use the 1-click installer or one of the other installation tools there is nearly no way to use them in a wrong way. Sorry, it is difficult to give advice from the distance and not knowing the staps done before running into the problem.
Another way is to remove the internal disk from the netbook, connect it via USB-connector to another laptop, do the installation of the image that way and then install it again inside the netbook.
Hope one of those way will work for you.
Your netbook has only 1 GB RAM, is there a way to extend it to 2 GB, to speed up the laptop?
CU, Ralf

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Enviado por jprisab el Lun, 04/13/2020 - 11:47

me voy a jugar un triple....

yo diria, basado en la segunda foto que muestras...
el directorio en el disco duro USB en el que tienes las imagenes contiene un espacio... algo como "/LABDOO/ES 32/PAE..."
prueba a renombrar la carpeta quitando ese espacio, llamalo por ejemplo "/LABDOO/ES32/PAE..."
no lo he testeado, pero me da en la nariz k va a funcionar....

por favor dime si no es eso... para pensar otra cosa :)


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Enviado por jprisab el Mar, 04/14/2020 - 06:57

sorry I just realized I didnt answer in english (was so thrilled to see if my guess was correct...)

So the problem was the "empty spaces" in the directory names... so for everyione please take into account (adnd document where necessary) that The folder names where the images are contained should not contian empty spaces or funny charachters.

Linux scripts in general do not do well with empty spaces, but in general IT I can only advice whatever the Operative System, whatever the usage, staying away of leaving empty spaces in file or directory names.

Anyway, as Luis could experience, this "restriction" is seen also in antix, parted magic or any other restore method you use, because it is Clonezilla (the tool all this liveCD distributions share) the one that has the nothing we can do from Labdoo here...

the only thing we can do is as told, not only for Labdoo but in general in life:
STAY AWAY FROM EMPTY SPACES..... (except during carefew, in carefew is important to keep the social distance :D )