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Hi there, I need a helping hand. I got a Mac Air and a Laptop both UEFI and both with the same problem. I boot from the USB and eventually after the boot I can see the sda shows the capacity of the computer HD but most of the times after the USB boot sda shows the USB pendrive capacity (please see image atached) so the HD isn't seen. Both HDs look to be ok because if I boot from them they start Windows or iOS 100% of the times with no problem.

I managed to install the UEFI Labdoo image after some failed trials but that was all I managed to do. I cannot now install any language image as sda shows regularly the USB.

Any suggestion on how can I go further to install an image on the HD?


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Hi Vadinho,
if ever possible switch off UEFI in BIOS and set to legacy boot. In case this is not possible there is an installation described here https://platform.labdoo.org/content/uefi-boot-only-or-bios-locked-and-ue.... So first you clone one partition for UEFI boot, which is more or less empty and has only one task, to hand over booting to a 2nd "normal" Labdoo partition.
For 2022 we are thinking about improving Labtix, scripts and images to make such UEFI installation more comfortable, as there might be more UEFI-ed laptops donated in the future.
Ralf Labdoo.org (Germany)