Values, Philosophy and Principles of the Labdoo Project


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Labdoo is a collaborative humanitarian social network which is designed to help bring laptops and educational devices to schools in need without incurring any economic or environmental costs.

In the world, those who have access to free sources of education (FSE) are the rare exception. This is a problem because:

  1. It leads to inequalities between those who have access to FSE and those who don't.
  2. The potential talent of most of the children in the world and the societal benefits that would arise from it are lost.

This reality is commonly known as the 'digital divide'.

A laptop allows schools to gain access to FSE, helping to unlock the skills and potential capabilities of children and students. This can be achieved via offline education software that comes installed in the laptops or via online education content.

Labdoo exists as 'a tool' to help sustainably coordinate the mobilization of unused educational devices and to bring them to needy schools using global collaboration, without incurring any economic cost and without damaging the Planet.

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