Tanzania, Arusha: Enhancing the Quality of Teaching and Learning through ICT


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Tanzania, Arusha: Enhancing the Quality of Teaching and Learning through ICT


Arusha , AR
3° 21' 56.844" S, 36° 40' 28.02" E
Arusha TZ
Breve descripción del proyecto: 
Enhancing the Quality of Teaching and Learning through ICT
Número de profesores: 
Número de estudiantes: 
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Descripción del proyecto: 

Implementing a computer literacy programme for all students. Improving the teaching and learning process in the existing Computer Studies class. Implementing, teaching and learning methods that incorporate use of computers and other ICT media. Improve the information management system in the school to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in management.

Evaluation from the 2013 Tanzania Educational Volunteer Group of National Tsing Hua University:
The headmaster in Peace House Secondary Mr. Mushi is a kind person. He seized the chance for our visiting. The school has beautiful environment and sufficient building, but the biggest problem is the school lack of educational resources. The teachers in the school put a lot of effort on the student. Peace House Sec is now the best school in Arusha. One of the advantage is that the school used to deal with other volunteers from US. That is why they have more experience for cooperation.

Yellow: first dootronics can be sent
Número de dispositivos educativos requeridos: 
Idioma(s) local(es): 
English, Swahili
220-240 Volts
Tipo de conexión a Internet: 
Wired or Wireless
Date it was created: 28/05/13/
Date it was last updated: 08/07/15


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Dootronic ID País Estado Model Serial number Weight
000001810 Tanzania [S4] Deployed and being used IBM x31 9985T1D 1.60Kgms
000001963 Spain [S3] Assigned to an edoovillage, waiting to be shipped Belinea o.book 3.1 20063140084 2.80Kgms
000003137 Tanzania [S4] Deployed and being used HP Pavilion ze4145 TW23705721


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