Cameroon, Arrondissement VII,Yaoundé: École Bilingue Les philanthropes- Yaounde, Cameroon for disadvantaged children


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Cameroon, Arrondissement VII,Yaoundé: École Bilingue Les philanthropes- Yaounde, Cameroon for disadvantaged children


quartier Akok-Ndoé II, Akok-Ndoe, Département du Mfoundi,
Arrondissement VII,Yaoundé
3° 55' 3.3528" N, 11° 32' 8.4228" E
Breve descripción del proyecto: 
École Bilingue Les philanthropes- Yaounde, Cameroon for disadvantaged children
Número de profesores: 
Número de estudiantes: 
Punto de contacto en el sitio: 

Mme Kanouo Chantal (direction of the school),

Descripción del proyecto: 

Access to information and communication technology is one of the keys to quality education. Unfortunately, this technology is still widely unavailable in many third world country schools. The present project is aiming to contribute in a concrete way to the improvement of this situation in a particular education facility. The intention is to equip the École Bilingue “Les Philanthropes”, a bilingual primary school located in outskirts of Yaoundé (Cameroon) with a computer classroom and to form a local teacher to maintain the classroom and use it in education of the students. The facilities will be provided by the school itself, as will be a part of the computers gathered as used “second-hand” equipment from local donors. The rest of the computers is an object of a pending request at Labdoo. The technical part of the project (computer installation, summer classes and formation of the future classroom responsible) will be ensured by a volunteering foreign IT expert.

Primary schools for disadvantaged children

Aplicación del proyecto: 
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Número de dispositivos educativos requeridos: 
Idioma(s) local(es): 
French / English
Información adicional acerca del idioma: 
Bilingual school, keyboard French
220-240 Volts
Tipo de conexión a Internet: 
Notas adicionales de Internet: 
Phase 1: (1 st week of July) Preparation of the classroom, ensuring electricity and network infrastructure and furniture Phase 2: (1 st and 2 nd week of July) Reparation and installation of the locally donated computers. Installation of the Labdoo computers, installation of a donated Raspberry Pi server with internet-independent educational resources (offline Wikipedia, electronic books and handbooks) Phase 3: (3 rd week of July till last week of August) holiday classes of IT for students, simultaneously tutoring a local teacher in usage and maintenance of the classroom Phase 4: (since end of August) handling the computer class entirely to the school. Ongoing technical support will be provided to the school over the internet in case of need.
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Date it was created: 17/04/16/
Date it was last updated: 03/07/16


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000007751 Cameroon [S4] Deployed and being used IBM Thinkpad 2373-Y3X 99-ZGA4F
000007752 Cameroon [S4] Deployed and being used MSI MS-163D 00163D1-SKU26K0806000035
000007753 Cameroon [S4] Deployed and being used Acer Aspire 1642WLMi LXA86057926040C811EM02
000007754 Cameroon [S4] Deployed and being used HP Compaq nc6120 CNU6000JMJ


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