Edoovillage #1313 - Egypt, Cairo: Center for Agricultural Research of Egypt (ARC)


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Edoovillage #1313 - Egypt, Cairo: Center for Agricultural Research of Egypt (ARC)


Centro de Investigaciones Agrícolas de Egipto (ARC) Cairo
26° 21' 9.8424" N, 29° 57' 22.8852" E
Thank you note: 

Me pongo en contacto con vosotros para adjuntaros las fotos de la contraparte local con los ordenadores, y para trasladaros la gratitud con la que se recibieron los mismos. Hasta el momento, muchos de los trabajos de campo en las plantaciones y en el Centro de Investigaciones Agrícolas de Egipto, se servían de plantillas de papel que se apilaban en los despachos…

Me gustaría volver a señalar la labor tan necesaria que hacéis, y recordaros que estamos a vuestra entera disposición para lo que consideréis.

Muchas gracias de nuevo,



Muchas gracias!!

De nuevo me gustaría remarcar la labor tan importante y bonita que hacéis! Ya no solo a nivel cooperativo, sino a nivel medioambiental, reutilizando los ordenadores que aún sirven!

Un saludo y estamos en contacto,


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Center for Agricultural Research of Egypt (ARC)
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Irene Marente Torres
Teléfono: +34603128618
Avinguda d´Icaria 164, 6-1, 08005, Barcelona

Descripción del proyecto: 

Improvement of sustainable water management in Egypt through the agro-forestry sector and reinforcement of cooperation through R + D + I financing instruments between the EU and Egypt.
The main function will be the forestry and water analysis, as well as for project management

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Arab, English
220-240 Volts
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Date it was created: 01/12/18/
Date it was last updated: 24/01/19


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000015806 Egypt [S4] Deployed and being used NP-R519-JA0GES ZMWO93ESC00180Y
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Dootrip #0000007942018-12-23T17:00:00BARCELONA, SpainCAIRO, EgyptCompleted22


Egypt sustains a rapidly growing population of around 100 million people (Census 2019). The country, which presents just a 4% of arable lands, is now facing some of the upcoming biggest challenges in its history.
The Nile Delta, which is around 24.900 km2, holds a 65% of the country´s agricultural land and is home to about a third of total Egypt´s population. Consequently plays an important role in the country´s primary resource basis and economy. But its current situation could be worsening due to different threats.
Water gap in Egypt will probably reach 21 billion m3 by the year 2025. As population increases. Reclaimed areas for agriculture are being created in the desert and a 95% of the agricultural areas are irrigated in the country. Water-wise conflict could escalate even without Climate Change, and the country will face an explosive situation (El-Raey, 1999)

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