Edoovillage #1458 - Congo (Kinshasa), Bulongo: BULONGO FRIENDLY SKILLS CENTRE


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Edoovillage #1458 - Congo (Kinshasa), Bulongo: BULONGO FRIENDLY SKILLS CENTRE


Bulongo Friendly Skills Centre
+243 Bulongo
Congo (Kinshasa)
0° 19' 48.3456" N, 29° 40' 22.8864" E
Breve descripción del proyecto: 
Número de profesores: 
Número de estudiantes: 
Punto de contacto en el sitio: 

Neme: Bwambale Flaurent Baswiri
Phone(*): +243 779130035
6.3 Email(*): bascoa.sch@gmail.com
6.4 Physical address of Organization (street, city, zip code, country...)(*):
Street: Bashu City: Bulongo Zip Code: +243 Country: DR Congo,
6.5 GPS coordinates (click the link to find the coordinates: https://www.gps-coordinates.net or https://support.google.com/maps/answer/18539) :

. Project Location - street, city, state/province, country, zip code(*):
Street: Bashu City: Bulongo: province: Nord Kivu, Country: DR Congo Zip Code: +243

Descripción del proyecto: 

BULONGO FRIENDLY SKILLS CENTRE is Community Based Organization legalized by the government of DR Congo, we core focus on equipping needy person with hand on skills to fight/ alleviate poverty in the region. This organization targets needy person that include; widows, orphans, young mothers, school dropout and other needy youth who have engaged in non un profitable services thus, being social threats and nonsense to the community.

The project will entirely focus on equipping the needy persons especialy school drop out, Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), young mothers with introduction to computers, designing different cards, computer maintanance and repair, they will also learn on how to use internet and social media as an idea for marketing, we shall also introduce to some learners the knowledge of financial lietarcy through enabling them with the skill for using the accounting packages.

Thus the laptops and other IT equipment donated to us will entirely be used for equipping the targeted beneficiaries with hand on technological computer skills and enabling them with better communication skills to enable the beneficiaries to become self relaint.

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Número de dispositivos educativos requeridos: 
Notas adicionales sobre los dispositivos: 
30 laptops + 5 ebooks + 12 tablets
Idioma(s) local(es): 
French and English
Información adicional acerca del idioma: 
The language adoptability among the learners in both French and english. With French being more prefered among the majority since it the office language
Tipo de conexión a Internet: 
Date it was created: 31/05/19/
Date it was last updated: 31/05/19


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