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As you may know, Labdoo is a humanitarian social network that connects people around the world to provide those in underdeveloped regions with a chance at a better education. To serve the schools we partner with, we rely on the generosity of this global team of volunteers who donate their time and energy to make our world a better place.

Paquete de bienvenida de Dootronics

Cuando traiga computadoras portátiles y tabletas a una escuela, asegúrese de entregar una copia impresa del "Paquete de bienvenida de Dootronics".

Los tres enlaces siguientes le permitirán descargar cada uno de los documentos que forman parte del paquete de bienvenida. Por favor, imprima cada uno de estos tres documentos, póngalos dentro de un sobre y entregárselos en la escuela de destino junto con los portátiles / tabletas.

Tricks to help you find dootronics

Sometimes it is useful to attach a keyword or tag to a dootronic so that it's easy for you to find that dootronic. For instance, imagine that you are receiving 4 dootronic contributions from an organization named "Cool Organization" and would like to make it easy for you to find them all in one shot. You can achieve this with just two simple steps: