Sanitize Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G GT-T7500 16GB


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Can anybody tell me if this tablet can be sanitized for labdoo purpuses?
Sanitize Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G GT-P7500 16GB

Otherwise i understand we can just do a factory reset and send it as is, right?
Is it gonna be good enough to navigate internet or will it be ok for any other function?

Thanks a lot


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Hi Elena,
as far as I know, there is only this draft wiki page in German available [work in progress]. I don't know any other source within Labdoo.
Yes, factory reset and give it to a project / user it the only thing you can actually do. The wiki page above explains, why. And which apps are recommended to install for educational purpose.
16 GB RAM are not much, but enough to surf in web. Not enough to install offline content.
CU, Ralf (Germany)

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Thanks Ralf,
I will have to learn German, i will add that to my confinement tasks/wish list, which is already long.
Will go for the factory reset,

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Hai Elena,
there is a tool for everything :) Here is the page translated (more or less...)
In 2018 another hub promised to go ahead with a tablet concept, but never delivered any results. So in 2019 we started that page in Germany. As hub Rhein-Ruhr has to many tasks in Labdoo project I was very glad that someone else wanted to take responsibility for tablets. But your request shows me that this is still not covered until today.
CU, Ralf

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Hi @elena,

In NYC, what we found is at this time, we only can do reset to factory setting (as you and Ralf discussed above).

For iPads, we need the owner to remove passcode before they hand over to us. Otherwise, even if we do factory setting, we can't login as Apple put extra security feature.

Or Android - depending on the devices but especially for older devices (older Android version), pretty easy to do factory setting. Since every device (even same brand) has different way to reset, I suggest you google it, there are many websites/YouTube that explains.

We did a pilot project using Android devices (very old HW, which only could handle Android v4.x or maybe v5.x) Very limited HD space (8, 16, if lucky 32GB). However, we discussed the purpose of the project, we pre-configured the devices - i.e. deleted unnecessary apps, install the required app for the Edoovillage. I don't have the report from the Edoovillage uploaded but the devices met their goals of the pilot project.

Few of many concerns about older Android devices / versions. The User Interface is not consistent, they all look different. But more importantly, the privacy and security feature or parental control is lacking. There is no administrative feature e.g. anyone can dowmload whatever apps they want to.