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Acerca de los Dootronics (dispositivos donados)

En Labdoo, usamos la palabra dootronics (como en labdoo electronics) para referirnos a cualquier dispositivo elctrónico o computadora que pueda usarse con fines educativos. Un dootronic es por lo tanto cualquier computadora portátil, tableta, ebook o dispositivo de computadora en general que se pueda cargar con software educativo y ser transportado de manera sostenible a una escuela o comunidad necesitada. Nuestro requisito de hardware mínimo actual para un portátil donado es Pentium M CPU con al menos 756MB de RAM.

Take Pictures and Upload them to the Photo Album

Remember to take a good amount of pictures of your trip. Pictures are important to keep the Labdoo platform transparent and open. They are the best way to demonstrate that the donated laptops reach their intended destination. Please make sure that the pictures:

(1) are of good quality.
(2) clearly illustrate the laptops and allow donors to recognize their contributed dootronic.
(3) clearly portray the students using the laptops in their classroom.

About Dootronics

At Labdoo, we use the word dootronics (as in labdoo electronics) to refer to any computer device that can be used for education purposes. A dootronic is therefore any laptop, tablet, ebook or computer device in general that can be loaded with education software and sustainably transported to a needy school. Our current minimum hardware requirement for a donated laptop is Core2 / Duak Core CPU with at least 1 GB (better 2 GB) of RAM.

Response to Dootronics Donors



Thank you for your interest in contributing to the cause.

In order to make your contribution, you can bring your laptop(s) to your nearest hub where it will be sanitized and installed with the education software making it ready to travel to a destination school. You will find the global list of Labdoo hubs where you can bring your laptop in the following link:

Response to Dootronics Solicitation


1. Standard response.


Thank you for contacting Labdoo and for all the work you've done to help spread education.

In order to evaluate if we can help your project, we need first to identify possible traveler(s) who will travel from any of the Labdoo hubs to $SOLICITORCOUNTRYNAME. Here is the list of Labdoo hubs for your reference:[]=open