Dootrip #000002035 - from Kempten (Germany) to Freetown (Sierra Leone)

Origin of the trip: 
87439 Kempten , BY
47° 43' 43.356" N, 10° 18' 53.8344" E
Bayern DE
Departure date: 
Monday, April 18, 2022 - 06:00
Destination of the trip: 
232 Freetown , W
Sierra Leone
8° 27' 55.3572" N, 13° 13' 53.0508" W
Western SL
Arrival date: 
Monday, April 18, 2022 - 17:00
Number of days you can store the dootronic(s) after the arrival date: 
Number of days you can store the dootronic(s) before the departure date: 
Number of dootronics you can carry: 
Number of dootronics assigned: 
Dootronics' estimated total weight: 
No dootronics linked to this dootrip yet
Travel distance: 
4897 Kms
CO2 emissions savings: 
6.1 Kgms of CO2 emissions will be saved assuming one laptop is transported
Edoovillages assigned: 
Hi Labdoo Friends and organizers, it is indeed the greatest pleasure for me to get connected to this great and wonderful organization that brings the future for the less underprivileged children in the world. As we also stand for such, our organization is fighting for such to be achieved worldwide. We would love to ask for more but as a start, we will accept any such amount given to this foundation for the needy school pupils in Sierra Leone. We are looking forward to hearing from you again. If accepted, the donation will be done at the Holiness Preparatory School, and WMA Primary School Wellington.
Date it was created: 16/10/21/
Date it was last updated: 06/12/21