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Forwarding a Response

When solicitors send us a request for laptops for a school in a country COUNTRY_DESTINATION, the first response is to ask back if they know of travelers from any country COUNTRY_SOURCE where Labdoo has hubs (see the Labdoo response to laptop solicitors: If the solicitors find travelers from a country COUNTRY_SOURCE which has Labdoo hubs, then the next step is to ask them to forward their own request to the Labdoo hubs in country COUNTRY_SOURCE.

Response to a Dootrip Offering



Thank you for contacting Project Labdoo and for your interest in contributing to the cause of helping to bring a laptop loaded with educational applications to schools in need.

We have Labdoo schools in $DESTINATIONCOUNTRY and it would be very positive if your trip can be used to carry one or more laptops there. To make this possible, we ask you to help us with two things:

Response to Dootronics Donors



Thank you for your interest in contributing to the cause.

In order to make your contribution, you can bring your laptop(s) to your nearest hub where it will be sanitized and installed with the education software making it ready to travel to a destination school. You will find the global list of Labdoo hubs where you can bring your laptop in the following link: