Uploading Pictures to your Hub

To upload the pictures of your hub activities to your hub photo album, do as follows:

1. Make sure you are logged in to Labdoo.org. (If you are not logged in, go to https://www.labdoo.org/user/login and enter your username and password.)

2. Go to your hub page. To find your hub page, you can go to "My account" (https://www.labdoo.org/user) and then click on the "Global contributions" tab. Then click on the link "[See all contributed hubs]". This will take you to a dashboard from where you can select your hub.

3. Once you are on the hub page, click on "Go to photo album". This will take you to your photo album. Now you can click on "Upload new photos" where you will be able to upload your new photos. Notice that you will only see the option "Upload new photos" if you have sufficient hub managing rights to do so. If you don't see this option, contact the Labdoo team (https://www.labdoo.org/content/contact-labdoo) giving us your username so that we can provide sufficient rights to your account.

If you have any issues uploading your pictures, contact the Labdoo team at https://www.labdoo.org/content/contact-labdoo.

Figure. Go to your hub photo album and click on 'Upload New Photos' to post pictures of your hub activities.