Labdoo School Hub Officer Application

Please copy/paste the selected form into your favorite word processor, fill in each question, and email the form to your parent hub manager at

Labdoo School Hub Officer Application Form

School Name:
School Year:

Your Name:
Email Address:
Grade Level:

Select Desired Officer Position(s):
President/Secretary/Treasurer/VP of Public Relationship
(*We recommend selecting multiple positions in case other candidates apply for the same position.)

Short Answers

  • How do you see participating in Labdoo benefit club members?
  • With the position you are applying for, what can you do to help your club succeed?
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    Additional Questions For Club President Applicant :

  • Have you held any leadership positions before? (If yes, please give details about the organization/position/year)
  • If elected, can you host club meetings at least twice a month?
  • Describe your vision for Labdoo Club.
  • What do you see as the most significant opportunity for the Labdoo club at your school?
  • Explain how you will act as a role model for your club members.