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Labdoo hubs can exist in many different places (at your home, at your work, as part of your NGO work, etc.). This wiki section is dedicated to hubs which are created within the premises of a school.

Labdoo School Hubs consist of Labdoo Hubs that are run by students (for example, at a high school) with the supervision of adults.

Managing a Labdoo School Hub provides an excellent leadership opportunity for students.

As a Labdoo School Hub manager, we expect you to follow the Labdoo Hub rules. Please read the following sections with care. The information can help you make the best decision during the process of creating and managing your School Hub.

We hope your Labdoo experience will not only benefit the world but also help you write a meaningful chapter in your high school life.

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Where Can I Start?

Benefits offered to school hub members

Ideas to work with your hub members

Responsibilities of a School Hub Manager

School Hub Information Form

Download and Read the Labdoo School Hub Booklet

Example - School Hub in Madrid

Labdoo School Hub Officer Application

United States President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) for US citizens