Shipping Laptops in US via Postal Service



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Sometimes it is difficult to find a hub that has laptops available close to the city where your traveler is leaving from. Since Labdoo does not accept monetary donations, we don't have the budget to pay for shipping costs. However, in the United States, Edoovillage has the option to use the online shipping provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to prepay the shipping and have the laptops delivered to the traveler. Here's how it works.

  1. After the laptops are ready to be shipped, the Labdoo hub will provide you the following information:
    • From Address:
    • Package Weight:
    • Package Size:
    • Package Value:
  2. Create a user account at Click "Sign Up Now" and fill in your personal information.
  3. Log in and select "Create a Label" under "Click-N-Ship".
  4. In the "Where are you sending from?" section, click "Edit" and change the address to the "From Address:" provided by the Labdoo hub in Section 1.
  5. Fill in the section "Where are you sending to?" with the address where laptops need to be delivered to.
  6. In the section "Enter package details", select both "Enter Package Weight" and "This package has a dimension measuring over 12". Fill it in with the values "Package Weight" and "Package Size" provided in Section 1 accordingly.
  7. Fill in the field "Package Value" with the value provided in Section 1. Scroll down and click on "Next Select a Service"
  8. Click "Priority Mail" to select that option. (Adding insurance or extra services is optional.)
  9. Click "Add to the Cart".
  10. Fill in your payment information.
  11. In the page "Print Your Labels", select "Save as PDF" to save the shipping label file.
  12. Email the shipping label to the Labdoo hub so the hub can use the label to ship the laptops to you.

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