Ensure "Delivered" metric includes historical values


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Website bug

Javier recently made a question that made us realize our "Delivered" counter underestimates the actual values of delivered laptops. This is because a laptop delivered (S4) that later on is recycled (S6) stops counting as delivered.

The metric should look at all the historical states taken by a laptop to truly capture the right number of laptops delivered.


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Enviat per t810sable el dt., 11/12/2019 - 16:25

Javier - Not sure how you found this out but great!
Jordi - Thanks for fixing this quickly.

I couldn't interpret the code in GitHub but only the devices from S4 to S6 will be counted as delivered? The reason I am asking is sometimes I move S1 to S6 (or S1 to S5 to S6) after noticing the donated laptop cannot be reused. Also hope changing these laptops from S1 to S5/S6 is the correct process. Just double checking.