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Submitted by robertmuil | Last message on: dv., 06/03/2016 - 10:13 | 8 comment(s)
Dear Team, I'm following the sanitation procedure here ( and everything goes fine until the final few commands to install the `edubuntu-desktop` and `libreoffice` packages. When I try to install `edubuntu-desktop`, I get: Depends: ubuntu-desktop, but it's not going to be installed E: Unable to correct problems, you have held...
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Submitted by Rhein-Ruhr-Hub | Last message on: ds., 05/21/2016 - 10:33 | 0 comment(s)
As settings are different between 14.04 and 16.04 and requests were received how to minimize these differences, here are some suggestions how to solve that, based on Lubuntu. All below mentioned subjects are now part of the 14.04 based images for cloning, uploaded later than May 20th, 2016.
  1. For 14.04 / Add trash and show mounted drives on desktop...
imatge de Rhein-Ruhr-Hub
Submitted by Rhein-Ruhr-Hub | Last message on: dl., 05/16/2016 - 16:12 | 0 comment(s)
I was asked, if and how already delivered laptops should be updated to new Lubuntu releases. In this case laptops were delivered to a school in Africa (based on 12.04 LTS and 14.04 LTS), now there is 16.04 LTS available. It is hard to answer this question, as an answer depends on the IT experience of helpers, the infrastructure (online access possible at edoovillage?) and other aspects. The...
imatge de tichy
Submitted by tichy | Last message on: dc., 05/11/2016 - 16:18 | 3 comment(s)
Hi Team, I installed this french offline wiki package on a Dootronic: Unfortunately the package missed some files in the wikipedia subfolder, so just this crucial part did not work. I fixed the package by adding the missing wikipedia files from the official XowA webpage ( using...
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Submitted by robertmuil | Last message on: dv., 05/06/2016 - 16:02 | 7 comment(s)
In the installation of Lubuntu 14.04 (and most other linux distros) one can choose whether to install commercial/proprietary third-party packages that do not necessarily have free licenses. These can be of help to the end users (mp3 decoding, specific drivers for commercial hardware, and unfortunately still Flash)... so do we want to do that, or do we need to distribute the laptops with a...
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Submitted by robertmuil | Last message on: dj., 05/05/2016 - 16:16 | 2 comment(s)
Dear Team, I'm about to configure a few laptops for Labdoo and wanted to know if I can use the latest LTS of lubuntu (16.04) or should I stick with 14? Cheers! Rob.
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Submitted by vilanova-hub | Last message on: ds., 04/16/2016 - 19:54 | 3 comment(s)
És possible que el numero de sèrie d'un portàtil sigui aquest nom?: service tag.
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Submitted by wendy | Last message on: dg., 02/28/2016 - 12:51 | 1 comment(s)
I have connected the power adaptor, removed battery. But nothing happens when I press the power button. What is the next thing I shall look into? Thanks!
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Submitted by eparpal | Last message on: ds., 01/16/2016 - 09:04 | 2 comment(s)
Bon dia, he de sanejadr run portàtil antic, un Dell Inspiron 2600, que si ho he mirat bé te les segÜents característiques: 512 Mb de Ram, 32 bits, dvd, amb windows. He provat de tot (CD, DVDs, mal gravats, amb versió 14.04... un USB amb versió 14.04... seguramet mal gravat, no era bootable?.. en fi, que i no me'n surto. Entec que necessito fer un USB bootable amb la versió 12.04, correcte...
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Submitted by MarcusMoeller | Last message on: ds., 10/03/2015 - 06:42 | 20 comment(s)
Hi all, I am trying to restore one of the default images with the -k1 and the -r option which should lead to the partition being expanded and the filesystem to be resized. I have tried that on a way bigger disk (320GB) but the / partition is created with 24GB only. How have you managed to extend the partition/filesystem? Greets Marcus