About our Association: Union Nationale des Femmes du Maroc (UNFM)

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An Intervention of Rural Standards: Providing Youth and Women a Voice.

Union Nationale des Femmes du Maroc (UNFM) is an Association in Moroccco, Africa which provides programs and resources to girls and women to inspire and prepare them for both personal and career-related success. We strive to empower our youth and women in under-served communities to be decision-makers, advocates and leaders; especially on issues related to socio-economic and sustainable development.

Many of our youth come to UNFM to build skills and seek ways to be independent and functional citizens within their communities. However, most of them don’t have money nor the means available to attend school. Furthermore, the women who attend our Association come to strengthen the skills they have or come to build on a new craft.

We provide the following services at our Association:
-Cooking classes (involving traditional dishes and cookies)
-Sowing classes
-English and French classes
-Workshops: Involving leadership, life skills, personal and professional growth and employ-ability.

Our organization is small but we are strong; committed to doing what we can to help improve the lives of our citizens.

We have reached out to Labdoo because we want to educate our women and youth about computer technology. Many of the women in our communities have never used a computer nor have a cell phone. By providing a new skill for the women to learn in our Association, not only is this important for our members in terms of motivation; but also for the sustainable development efforts of our communities, which in turn will make our regions stronger and more effective in terms of community development.

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