Coffee Shop

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Discuss in the coffee shop your ideas and share your experiences with other Labdooers.

About the Labdoo Coffee Shop Team

The intended topic of this team is to be a general forum so that Labdooers can share ideas and experiences with each other.

Here are a set of general guidelines to follow when participating in the Coffee Shop Team:

  • This team is open to any Labdoo user. To join, go to and select to join this team.
  • Please when exchanging your thoughts, be respectful with other Labdoo users. Remember that your comments can be read by many others.
  • If you are in doubt on whether a certain topic can be of interest to this team, please check first the description of each team at and make sure you pick the right place for your topic.
  • Remember that in each team, you will be able to create forum conversations, tasks, and events, depending on your user roles. If you go to each team page, on your right side you will find a list of actions that you can do within that team.