Dootrip #000001204 - from München (Germany) to Talata (Madagascar)

Origin of the trip: 
08034 München , BY
48° 8' 31.8732" N, 11° 32' 59.8668" E
Bayern DE
Departure date: 
Monday, September 2, 2019 - 06:15
Destination of the trip: 
Talata , FN
20° 51' 45.8928" S, 46° 58' 4.4544" E
Fianarantsoa province MG
Arrival date: 
Sunday, November 3, 2019 - 12:15
Additional traveler(s) information: 
Eva Kopp, supported by Heimer Klaus
Number of days you can store the dootronic(s) after the arrival date: 
Number of days you can store the dootronic(s) before the departure date: 
Number of dootronics you can carry: 
Number of dootronics assigned: 
Dootronic identifiers: 
Dootronics' estimated total weight: 
8.96 Kgms
Travel distance: 
[Not available this time, try again later] Kms
CO2 emissions savings: 
0 Kgms of CO2 emissions saved
Traveler is Eva Kopp, she will bring 3 Laptops from München and 1 Laptop from Antanarivo to Talata School. The starting point in München will be arranged, the point to get the single Laptop in Antanarivo is probably at Hotel Belvedere or by meeting Mr. Heimer Klaus.
Date it was created: 28/07/19/
Date it was last updated: 12/07/24