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Labdoo for Cities is a program that allows cities from around the world to implement the Labdoo collaborative workflow in a simple and sustainable manner. In a nutshell, Labdoo for cities works as follows:

  1. The Town Hall of the village, town or city creates first a Labdoo dropping point. This is a location where citizens can bring their unused but working laptops and tablets. This reception point is in charge of one main task: tagging the received dootronics and storing them in a drawer or some room. This step also leverages the great capabilities that the Town Hall has in reaching out to all of its citizens (via its standard channels such as the city news magazine, or the local radio and TV stations) enabling community awareness to help mobilize computers and new volunteers interested in the cause.
  2. One or more sanitation hubs are also created in the city. Our experience says that one very sustainable and educating way to do this step is by implementing the sanitation hubs in the various local schools (high school level). This allows young students to be part of the solution, allowing them to learn the concepts of recycling, sustainable international development, and global collaboration in a very hands on manner. Sanitation hubs can naturally be created in many other places besides schools, including homes, NGOs or local companies.

    In this step 2, volunteers from the sanitizing hubs pick up tagged laptops from the dropping point hubs.

  3. Students and/or volunteers from the sanitation hubs clean up the laptops and install the educational software following the general Labdoo workflow.
  4. Sanitized laptops are transported to needy schools using sustainable dootrips, as is also done in the general Labdoo workflow.

While the above workflow has been demonstrated to be simple and efficient, cities can develop their own modified workflows based on their capabilities and needs. If you are interested in implementing Labdoo for Cities in your own village, town or city, please reach out to the Labdoo Team at and we will help you get started.

Keep on reading in order to learn the specific (dropping point) hub protocol implemented by the Town Hall.

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