Labdoo Newsletter Global - 2016.09

Labdoo Newsletter global Issue: 16
Date: 09/2016
"Tag a laptop, spread education"
LABDOO is a humanitarian social network joined by people around the world who want to make our planet a better place by providing those in underdeveloped regions a chance at a better education. The goal of the social network is to send unused laptops, ebook readers, tablet-PCs and any device that can be loaded with education software to needy schools around the world using colaboration and without incurring any economic or environmental costs. There is a very large number of stories taking place within the Labdoo social network (take a look at the global activity feed) and this newsletter can only capture a few of them. If your story does not show up and you feel that it is worth spreading, please send an email to and the editor of this newsletter will make any possible effort to include it in the next issue.
The Labdoo Team.

Global Progress:

700 Schools 8000 Laptops Milestone!

With the help of everyone, Project Labdoo is now servicing educational laptops to more than 700 schools and has mobilized more than 8000 laptops. Thank you and happy laptop tagging to everyone! In addition, all these actions have generated the following savings for the environment: Carbon emissions (kg): 328000 | Trees: 16000 | Liters of gas: 212000 | Plastic bottles: 472000 | Aluminum cans: 2160000 | Gold (gr): 1760 | SIlver (gr): 3520 | Palladium (gr): 640 | Copper (kg): 2400 | Cobalt (kg): 520 | Water (Liter): 12000000 | Chemical substances (kg): 176000

Labdoo Conference 2016

On behalf of the Labdoo community, thank you everyone for coming to the Labdoo Conference and making this such an inspiring weekend! thank you to all of you who have traveled to Barcelona all the way from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, California, United Kingdom, Tibet, New York, Serbia, and all of you who came from Barcelona and more close by locations. It's difficult to put in words what went on during the conference, so we think the following pictures will help explain it better. To all of you, thank you for making this happen.

Educational laptops delivered in Tibet

Here is a wonderful thank you letter from Jampa who helped deliver the laptops and is in charge of managing this edoovillage. A special thank you note to for donating dolls which were used to protect the laptops on their way to Tibet and that were also delivered to the children in the school. They loved it. An another special thank you note to all the volunteers who made this possible, from Barcelona and New York!! Thank you Jampa for all that you do too!
School project:
"Dear all,
I hope this mail finds you all well. I am sorry that I have not been able to update you sooner. I had some challenges to get access to the internet from here in Tibet. However I have some good news, the project went very well. The Gyalten school, all faculty and students really really appreciate the laptops donation and they are grateful to all of you for all the great work you do around the world. I am sharing some pictures here, I hope you will like them. Once again, I am so grateful that we all met each other and that we are doing such a great work together.
PS: kids liked our dearest dolls from Nozomi Terao so much, you can see it from the pictures as well.
Best wishes,

Labdoo and ARTistLOVE Unite Forces

Labdoo and ARTistLOVE (ARTistLOVE) unite forces to spread education around the world delivering educational laptops and creativity to children in India! Check out how this amazing organization is enabling children's creativity by decorating Labdoo laptops. That's right, our next generation of global artists in action! The laptops were sanitized by Labdoo hubs in the area of Barcelona (thanks to hubs Nou Barris and I2CAT Foundation) and they were transported to India from Barcelona using traveler artists part of the ARTistLOVE organization without incurring any additional CO2 emissions to Planet Earth. Once in India, children decorated the laptops which are now used by them to gain access to education. A truly sustainable team effort! A special thanks to ARTistLOVE for making this happen and we look forward to continue growing our joint collaboration in India and in other parts of the world!
ARTistLOVE also wants to specially thank Montana Colors for contributing with all the artistic material which made this possible.
More about this Edoovillage project:

The Story of Sister Zeph

We want to share this special story from a little girl in Pakistan with you, we hope you like it too...
"As a child, Sister Zeph was very naughty. You would find her often making jokes at school and pulling her classmates’ legs. She also had a dream: that one day she would become a lawyer. At the age of thirteen, her first article on Women’s rights appeared in Jung, a very famous newspaper in Pakistan. Then in the course of her growing years, one incident changed her life forever.
'I left my school when I was in Grade Seven,” says Sister Zeph. “I decided to never go back to that school. I was so humiliated by what happened. One day while at school, I delivered a speech to my class, acting like a teacher. I was standing on the teacher’s chair. When our teacher came into class, she lost her temper and started beating me for my little tirade, in front of my classmates. I was just crying and crying; I was hurt mentally and psychologically. This was not the right way to teach a child who was just being a child.'
Continue reading more...
Check out more pictures of this edoovillage in Pakistan:

Labdoo Reaches Out to Orphanages in Vietnam

A New Edoovillage has been Created in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Thanks to the VNHelp team in California! This summer, VNHelp Summer Team has brought 6 laptops to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and set up a new computer lab at Vinh Phuoc Buddhist Temple. More information under the project's edoovillage page:

Introducing Labdoo Colombia!

Brought to all of us thanks to Fundacion Divergente (Divergente Fundación), an amazing organization led by young social activists in Colombia ( whose goal is to spread education and creativity to children around the country. Their team will be doing tasks of laptop/tablet collection, sanitizing and distribution to schools among many other outreaching/social activities. They will also receive help from other Labdoo hubs around the world who may have excess laptops and travelers to Colombia. So if you have an unused laptop or if you know anyone traveling to Colombia, please do reach out by writing on this Project Wall:…/labdoo-team-colombia/activities

New Labdoo Feature: "My Global Contributions"

You can now track your total global contributions from your user dashboard by going to "My account" and clicking on "Global contributions". This will take you to a page summarizing all the global contributions you have made using the Labdoo platform, including the amount of CO2 savings derived from your contributions. For each of your contributed items, you will also find links to the corresponding dashboards. We hope you enjoy seeing your contributions to the world growing day by day!

More laptops donated in Switzerland

Congratulations to our Swiss team members: A school in Switzerland alone donated 80 laptops under the slogan "Schools help Schools". Frank Geisler from our hub in Zurich received the laptops this morning together with plenty of private laptop donations, hence totalling around 100 laptops! The supporters of our branch office in Mägenwil which is run by BRACK.CH jumped for joy due to this exceptional donation. More in German here:
Thank you so much and happy sanitizing! :)

Engineers Without Borders in Germany

Engineers Without Borders in Germany and Labdoo unite forces in Bolivia using laptops to help build great things. More information about this project:

Educated Girls Becoming Global Citizens in Pakistan

We received these wonderful words and pictures from Sister Zeph Zephaniah free Education illustrating how Labdoo laptops are changing the world of girls in Pakistan giving them a chance to education.
"Dear all,
I hope you are doing great today. I thought you must want to know what impact your support is making in the world, life cannot be imagined without a laptop so I must say that you are giving life to those who do not have access to it. Thank you for everything that you are doing to make this world a better place.
I have read the story on face book and it made me feel cry with joy because I did not realize before how you and Labdoo team worked to send us laptops. I am very blessed to know Labdoo and thankful for this donation of four laptops, can you imagine who are going to use these laptops? Whose dream is to touch a laptop in their life time and who are scared to have dreams even because they are being treated as slaves of men and as property of men who do not have individual identity but with these laptops we are not only going to make them a part of the global village but by getting knowledge they will know what is their worth being women.
We have 15 girls this time who are learning at our computer center at a time and this could be possible only with your support, we are doing a lot of things with the help of these laptops I would love to share more updates on it that how your support is changing lives in a far village's narrow street.
Love and hugs to you all God bless you,
With Respect,
Sister Zeph"
More pictures here:

Laptops Delivered in Gambia

10 laptops delivered to Gambia thanks to high school students from Escola Frederic Mistral Escola Frederic Mistral of Barcelona. As part of their Labdoo School Hub activities, the 15 year old students wrote a letter to their parents and relatives asking for unused laptops, collected the laptops, sanitized them installing the education software and delivered them to the NGO who took them using CO2-neutral dootrips to Serekunda, in Gambia. Great job to all the students for making this possible and amazing team effort to help spread education around the world! About this new school project:

Happy Faces in Dar Es Saalam

Laptops were delivered from Germany to Dar Es Saalam, Tanzania, using CO2 neutral dootrips thanks to the collaboration of volunteers sanitizing the laptops and travelers carrying them to the school. Connected by a true human chain. Thank you everyone that were part of this global collaborative effort. More information for this school under this page:

The Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel Honors Labdoo DACH

The German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel honored 25 projects in Deutschland, including Labdoo DACH. It was a very interesting experience at the Bundeskanzleramt in Berlin, organized by startsocial e.V. We devote this honor to all our volunteer helpers, donors and travelers in Germany.

New Labdoo Hubs Created in Luxembourg and Dubai

New Labdoo Hubs created in Luxembourg and Dubai, United Arab Emirates! Thanks to Florence and her friends in Luxembourg as well as Francesc from Dubai, Labdoo now has two new hubs where activities to collect and sanitize laptops will take place. If you live in any of these two regions and have a laptop or tablet that you no longer use, you can now bring them to these hubs... your action will help bring education to children some where in the world! happy laptop hunting!
Hub in Luxembourg:
Hub in Dubai:

Labdoo Contributes Laptops to

Entretots Penedes is an NGO based in Vilafranca del Penedès who makes an amazing work to help improve the lifes of people with a disability. The laptops loaded with special accessibility software will be used by people with some disability who are studying a degree and also in their day to day activities. A big thank you to the Labdoo volunteers and students in IES Eugeni d'Ors, Vilafranca del Penedès and Institute Baixamar ( for helping collect, sanitize and deliver these laptops to this amazing NGO. Especial thank you to Carme Garrido Garrido Pep Buil Rovira Juanjo Franc Rosselló Ribes Roser Cervera Rosa Vidal and all the students from IES and Baixamar for making this possible. More information about this project:
Happy tagging!

The Truly Inspiring Story of Ousman Umar

Ousman Umar explains his amazing story of how he crossed the desert for 40 days and built his own boat to cross the sea and reach Spain from Africa to be able to go to school. Today he is a student in Barcelona and manages with his friends his own Labdoo hub to help bring educational laptops back to his native country of Ghana. In this occasion, Ousman is explaining his story to exchange students from the Rotary International program.
You can find out more from the Labdoo Stories book:

New Platform Feature to Help you Organize Labdoo Events

We are happy to present a new Labdoo Tool that you will now find in your Teams Dashboard called "Labdoo Events". The feature "Labdoo Events" allows you to create and manage your own events within the Labdoo platform. It provides functions such as creating an event, announcing the event to your community, allowing people to register to your event so you can track the head count, manage your events calendars, or sending messages to your registrants to keep them up to date about the event details, among others functions. Check it out by yourself and happy events hosting! and many other features to help you spread education are also explained in our wiki:

Children in Pangna Villay (Cambodia) Receive Laptops

Children in Pangna Villay at Cambodia receive Labdoo laptops loaded with education software, in collaboration with students from Enactus Universität zu Köln in Cologne. More information here:

The Labdoo Wiki for Travelers

If you are traveling and repurposing your trip to bring a laptop to a needy school, remember to check out the Labdoo Wiki for travelers, where you will find all you need to help organize your trip. Happy traveling!

California Hub Deploys Laptops in Vietnam and Myanmar

Labdoo Orange County (California) in the march to deliver laptops in Vietnam and Myanmar... rocking dude! We did it! Last month we deployed laptops in Vietnam and in Myanmar. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication! keep it up team LabdooOC. More information about these school projects in these links:

Download the Book of Labdoo Stories 2016

During the Labdoo Conference in Barcelona, we presented a book of fascinating stories that are part of the Labdoo community. We want to now make this book available to all of you.
The stories from Jampa, Sister Zeph, Ousman, Alex, Frank, Ralf, Chela, Serena, Montse, Janice found in this booklet are all real. They come from girls, boys, women and men, who endured an incredible journey to attain an education for themselves or helped many others reach the same goal.
This book is dedicated to all of them, for their hard work to help spread education, and to all the volunteers around the world who make the Labdoo Project possible.
Labdoo Conference in Barcelona
September 17, 2016
Download the book from: