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Hi all,

From time to time we receive thank you messages that can be very wonderful and touching. Some time ago Frank from Hub Zurich suggested the idea to create a place where we could add these sentences so others could get to know about them. This idea is similar to the concept of "Labdoo Stories" but used only for short and quick gratitude messages.

I have created a temporary document where we can all add these wonderful sentences. If anyone sends you a thank you note, please add it to this document:

As an example, just today we received this note from a teacher Martin Luba in Uganda:

"Hello Labdoo, hope you all doing fine...I am Martin Luba from Uganda, few years ago i joined #Globalmatch an organistion based in German as an Ambassador in in Uganda, we had various skypecalls, but the main challenge was communication,i used to go to the nearest cafe centres in order to communicate, this was quite expensive for me......after some time #Katherine Jung the co-founder for #Global match found out an organisation called Labdoo which would help us by lending us some computers to solve the problem of i talk now i have so far received (6) laptops from Labdoo, and i want to assure you that we are no longer facing the same challenge ...on behalf of Globalmatch ambassordors i take this oppotunity to thank you for the great work done and trusting us. we promise to make the best use of these computers."


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Submitted by jordi on Fri, 10/13/2017 - 05:25

That's great thank you for sharing it. I think it would be very nice to have all these messages in a single doc so one day we can create a collage or some booklet. If we track from which edoovillage each of these messages come from, with a bit of coding we could also automatically integrate them in our platform. Do you mind adding your messages from Labdoo-California to the Google doc?

I see that Janice already added the thank you message from Sister Zeph in Pakistan, thank you Janice!

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Submitted by wendy on Fri, 10/13/2017 - 18:02

There are few reasons I suggest to create a new Teams Wall as "Thank you Labdooers" and have the thanks emails in Teams Wall instead of using google doc.
1. It's a good practice to keep all communications/documents within the Labdoo database as much as possible.
2. It's much easier to find things inside a designated Teams Wall than a google doc link
3. Separating each email into one signal conversation is more manageable than adding many thanks emails to one gigantic document (plus you can easily attach pictures with your entry:)
4. If I understand correctly, the purpose for sharing thank you notes is to make it openly viewed by all Labdooers. How easy is it to find the Google doc. each time we want to show our team the appreciates we've received from edoovillages?

That's really the reasons I added those thank you emails to our Teams Wall at the first place, even though google docs is more convenient for me as personal use. Let me know if this make sense to you.

Or maybe other people have better suggestions? Please share!! Labdoo need lively discussions to make a greater team:)

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Submitted by janicew on Fri, 10/13/2017 - 18:53

Hi everyone. Understand that I am not a techie and so what I am about to suggest may not be feasible but...

Would it be possible to:
1. First add the "thank you" message to the page of the edovillage thanking Labdoo

2. Add tags to each message so that the message is now searchable under a number of different tags. For example, using Wendy's link we might have the tags: Labdoo OC (Orange County); Thank you; Myanmar, Pathein.
This way, if anyone wanted to see everything related to Labdoo OC, the message would be included or similarly, if we did a search for "Thank You", we would see all of the messages of gratitude in one place where we could then grab them to assemble into a book (admittedly, with a lot of copying and pasting).

3. If the tag system would work, we might also have a tag that ranks the message such as Thanks1, Thanks2, etc.. with "Thanks1" being a great message we would want to use in our promotions. Thus if Labdoo wanted to create a book, we can easily search for and find only those messages that are truly promotion-worthy (i.e. tagged with Thanks1).

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Submitted by frankgeisler on Fri, 10/13/2017 - 19:22

Hi altogether

There are some great suggestion from the various team members and indeed: I feel that a searchable/taggable area on our portal under each edoovillage might make most sense to all of us. This way we can either lookup or update individual edoovillages or we generically can search across the complete database.

So I like the suggestions of Wendy and Janice and also think that a pure Google Doc might not be the ideal solution for us on the long run.

I understand that if we go this direction then it might take some time to implement. So until we have a better option I will use the Google doc to update/include the statements of "my" edoovillages. I am sure these can be taken over into the platform at a later point.

Another topic might be statements in different languages. I am not sure how we would handle these - maybe the statement comes in one language but should be translated always into English so we are all on the same level? So we might wanna keep two fields: one for the original language and one for the translation.

Cheers, Frank

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Submitted by jordi on Mon, 10/16/2017 - 05:29

Great points everyone as always!

To summarize:

#1. We want to integrate this "Thank you messages" into the platform in a way that can be easily tagged and searched.

#2. We need a temporary solution to keep all the "Thank you messages" while we don't have #1 implemented.

I like Wendy's idea to use a Team conversation wall to post all the thank you messages as the temporary solution. This way the messages are openly available and we can all (those registered in that team) receive an automatic message and enjoy it. This would serve as a temporary solution until we have the permanent/more integrated solution.

So i created here a new Conversation called "One Action One Thank You" under the Coffee Shop Team which can serve as the wall where we can all post "Thank you" messages:

Actually this approach is similar to what we did some time ago to create a wall with the very best pictures that we have. That wall is called "One Country One Picture":

@Frank, @Janice, i have copied your thank you messages from the Google Doc to the "One Action One Thank You" Conversation.

So going forward, please kindly use the "One Action One Thank You" wall to post all the thank you messages you receive. Please post also those that you have already received so far so we can keep track of them in a centralized place. Thanks.

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Submitted by t810sable on Tue, 10/17/2017 - 16:17

I am bit late in the game. 1) I thought it'd be good to share the thank you messages to :all the contributors (laptop donor, hub, dootripers, etc)" if Jordi is creating a thank you page / wall in the platform under each edoovillage. When an edoovillages post a thank you on their wall, emails can be distributed to the people tagged to the laptops received by the edoovillages (not sure how to control the recipient of the email... if the schools are receiving laptops multiple times).
2) And/or every time edoovillages post a thank you message, it can appear on homepage so "anyone landing on the homepage" can see the impact Labdoo is giving.

These can be linked to "One Country One Picture Project" and vice versa.

These are just my wish list and if this is too complicated, no worries. But sharing thank you's to more audiences might be something that can benefit more to the entire Labdoo community.

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Submitted by jordi on Sun, 01/14/2018 - 20:38

Just following up on this conversation from some time ago. Thank you everyone for the great comments. Recently Montse Vivero (from Barcelona) offered to help out on this task and to be responsible for posting the "Thank you notes" on the social networks (FB, Twitter...) and to link them to the edoovillages.

I know we could do this more fancy, but in the interest of keeping the workflow simple and still be able to start associating "Thank you notes" to our edoovillages, i have simply created a new field (called "Thank you note") in each edoovillage. You will see this new field when you edit an edoovillage.

So here is the proposed procedure:

  • If you receive a thank you note, please continue to post it in our 'thank you note' wall as usual: In addition, please make sure you enter the note in the new 'thank you note' field associated with the edoovillage.
  • Upon a new post of a thank you note on the wall, Montse will also post it in Facebook, Twitter etc.

I hope this simple method makes sense to you, it will allow us to ensure we don't loose the thank you notes while having them correctly linked to their edoovillages. It will also allow more exposure by posting the notes in the social networks.

If you have any comments please share them, thanks.