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some of you "complained" about the size of the archives of images for cloning - and you were right. So images for cloning were shrunk with an new concept to 7 GB :) and the number of images was reduced to 3:

  • PAE32_16_04_LTS,
  • PAE64_16_04_LTS and
  • the specific image for refugee projects in Germany PAE64_16_04_LTS_refugees_DE.

Download from here

You find the RACHEL images missing? Correct. The reason is that all content, beside some manuals and video tutorials, were removed from the images. That is why the images became so small. So there will be less data transfer for you.

The idea behind it - images change ca. 1 time per month, but content is often static for 1-2 years. So why transfer data, which will not change for a long time? Installing a laptop using images for cloning is much faster now, but after installing the image you will have to add content to each laptop, otherwise the school will miss Wikipedia for school or RACHEL or other content.

As the number and amount of available content increased during the last months the process of installing and access to wikis was improved as well. You will find a list of available content archives described here and can be downloaded from here The good news - just download wiki archives once, use them many time. The bad news - you have to copy and unzip the archives to each laptop. But we should offer schools the best possible solution and content.

Handling is easy, for most languages there is an index-file, e.g. This index file comes with all links to all English archives. So once you copied and unzipped the archives to a laptop into its directory, open a index-file in a browser, store this tab in setting - and a user has immediate access to the content.

@Wendy, BOKS content is not pre-set in index-files, but you can open BOKS in a separate tab or add a line to HTML file.

The Handling of Xowa wikis has not changed due to this new approach. Everything stays as it is for Xowa.

Scripts: The autodeploy script to install images was updated already and will work with the new concept. Hub Düsseldorf (Germany) will also work on a content installation tool for you, to make content installation even more easier - but until script is available copy and unzip is very easy to handle manually :)

Your ideas are welcome. Or if you run into any problem or see any wiki update, please let me know.

@wiki translation team, the German wiki pages were updated already (if you find errors please let me know), but the other languages might work on their wiki pages. E.g. some languages have sub-pages for each wiki/content. There is now the central page with all content. So why so many pages for each content? And handling is now unique for each archive, so many pages should become obsolete?

Ralf, Hub Rhein-Ruhr (Germany)

Ein Angebot für Hubs in Deutschland: Ihr könnt eure externe USB-HDD an das Hub Rhein-Ruhr einschicken. Dann bekommt ihr zeitnah einen Update der Daten auf der Festpaltte auf dem Postweg retour und spart euch den Download.