One Country One Picture Project


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Pictures are a very important part of what we do at Labdoo, because they provide a way for people to see the results of our actions. Good pictures provide (1) transparency as they allow users to see their devices deployed in schools (and not piling up as eWaste) and (2) they motivate people to continue to contribute more laptops and tablets to needy schools.

We are starting a small project called 'One Country One Picture' to track our best pictures. For each country, we'd like to ask you to provide a candidate picture to represent it. We are currently present in 108 countries, so the current goal is to have 108 pictures.

We will keep the selected pictures in the Labdoo repository for everyone to view. But the top pictures will also make it to the front page of the Labdoo social network:

If you have a good picture you would like to share, please do so by replying to this conversation.

Special thanks to Frank for making a contribution of a great picture from Togo.