Updating your hub status and the Labdoo Code of Conduct


Status message

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Dear hub/edoovillage manager and member of the Labdoo community:

We are writing to let you know a couple of relevant developments that require your collaboration.

First is to let you know that we just added a new platform feature called 'Labdoo Hub Semaphore'. This feature allows hub managers to modify the status of their hub depending on whether it's 'open', temporarily 'inactive', or 'closed'. It's a very simple but useful feature because it will allow users to know whether they can contact a hub or not and give greater flexibility to hub managers. Please take a moment to read how this feature works from this link: https://www.labdoo.org/content/managing-your-hub-semaphore

If you are managing a hub, please also take a moment to set the status of your hub semaphore. This is very important because if you have not done so yet, your status field will show as 'empty' in some of the Labdoo dashboard. To update your semaphore status, please go to the 'Hubs' menu entry (on the top of any Labdoo page), select 'My hubs'. Then for any of your hubs, go to its dashboard and click on the 'Edit this hub' link that you will find in your hub's dashboard (make sure you are logged in to see this link) and change the value of the field 'Semaphore'.

On a second note, we wanted to let you know that the Labdoo Project has now a new document called 'Labdoo Code of Conduct' which describes best practices and good habits on how we should all behave and cooperate when working with each other. This document was put together as a work group in this open Team Conversation: https://www.labdoo.org/content/labdoo-code-conduct-coc . Please take also a moment to download the 'Labdoo Code of Conduct' and to read it from the following link. Also if you have any comments regarding this document, feel free to add them to the above team conversation:


We also want to thank all of you who were actively involved in putting together the Labdoo Code of Conduct document and those who provided great feedback/input to it.

Wishing you all a great day.

Labdoo Team