Virtual Interactive Sanitizing Workshop from 0 to hero - Monday 19.10 - 21:00 to 21:00


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In 1 hour we will show you how to prepare:

  • Your own Labtix CD/USB for using the sanitation tools in the Laptops you will install in the future (bring either a CD or a USB, during the workshop both methods will be demonstrated)
  • Your own USB Hard drive in order to restore the Labdoo OS Hard drive.
  • During the Workshop we will prepare together the Labtix installation drive, showing all the steps, answering the questions and testing the results, all the necessary material to restore a laptop.

    How to participate

    Just connect to Goole Meet session
    Although not mandatory, it is recommended to have at hand the following materials (after all, it is about preparing it together...)

    What do you need?

    • Your own computer in order to preapre the installation media you will need a computer. You can use your own one (the one you use to connect to the session), so it should not be a problem. It does not matter the OS you work with (Windows, Linux, MacOS), we wil do in any of them
    • A Blank CD in order to create the Labtix LiveCD (Bootable CD). If you dont have any at home, you can get something in Amazon:írgenes/dp/B001CR4M18
    • and/or a USB Memory stick (1Gb at least) in order to create the Labtix LiveUSB (bootable USB). It is enough with 1Gb. In case you dont have any at home, you can still buy one in Amazon like
      You don't need both CD and USB, in real live should be sufficient with one of them but personally I preffer to have as many tools at hand, so in the workshop we will prepare both of them
    • and a USB Harddrive in order to download and restore the Labdoo Images. You dont need it to be bigger than 300Gb. Again, in case you don't have any at home, you can still buy one in Amazon like: Or if you want a better one...átil/dp/B06Y1NZB6D.
    • Opcional: if you have a donated Laptop you want to sanitize, we can test the generated tools to see that everything works correctly (and finish with Your first installed Labdoo LAptop!!)


    Should you have any question or suggestion about the content of the workshop or how to get any of the required tools mentioned above please write a mail to:

    You cannot miss this chance!!

    Monday, October 19, 2020 -
    20:00 to 21:00