Labdoo's Translation Internship Program



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Hello team,

As you may know, since the Labdoo Conference celebrated in Barcelona this past October, we've had the fortune of having Erik, a student from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, to internship with Labdoo helping with the Catalan translations of the platform. Erik helped first as interpreter doing live translations of the conference speaker presentations from English to Spanish, and then for the past months he's been working on the text translations of the Labdoo Wiki to Catalan. He's done an amazing work (as you can see from this link) and we would like to send a special thank you to him and to the University program that has allowed for his contribution to the Labdoo cause.

We know the Wiki is always a work in progress effort, things can always be improved (better text, better structure, more translations) and we will continue to work step by step to improve it.

One other good news is that the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona will continue to offer more students to perform internships with Labdoo, so we are applying to have one more student in the next semester, they should be able to help not just to do Catalan translations but also other languages (of course, one at a time).

We found this is a program that makes everyone very happy: the university is very happy that students get to use their skills to help a very good social cause, and the Labdoo cause benefits greatly as the platform gets more and improved translations. Therefore, similar types of collaborations may be possible if you partnership with your nearby universities. So if you are interested in helping to improve your wiki translations to other languages, we encourage you to get in touch with local universities as they may also have internship opportunities.

From here, thank you Erik for all the great work, we wish you best of luck as you graduate from school!