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Hi Labdooers,

as you might have noticed (L)Ubuntu 18.04 LTS brought up some changes in the installation tools. To clone actual Labdoo images you should use an actual Parted Magic (PM, the versions 2012/2013 might not work cloning 18.04 images). But an actual PM is not for free anymore (11 $ per license)! As some of you requested, Labdoo (Germany) started to develop some new, license free installation tools.

Javier, Hub München / Munich contributed a new version of, a tool to install images for cloning step by step. This script can be executed in Linux environments. We is part of the Labtix installation environment.

Labtix (a merge of Labdoo and Antix) is based on the lean Linux distro Antix and comes with all tools you are used to. It is a license free package, may-be not as complete as PM, but it is "ours" ;).

We left away many programs, you will not need, to make it fit on a bootable iso-CD or USB-stick. It comes as an iso and you can install on and run it from any bootable media (CD, DVD, USB disc).

1., a powerful script, by Javier, Labdoo hub München / Munich

Javier developed this bash script to run in any terminal and Linux-based system. You can use any Linux-based operating system, copy the script to the desktop and make it executable. Then you are able to use it. We recommend to use it with the new Labtix (see below), as this is for free and strictly using license free and open source tools. The script removes old user data from the disc (shred), selects the best fitting image, matching to the size of the disc-drive and language spoken at the edoovillages. So you can even use it over night and in the morning all setting are done automatically :)
In a 2nd step the script will also support you selecting additional content and install it (coming soon).
Read more here
This script is coming with Labtix. You will find it on the desktop of Labtix.
There is a user manual available here

2. Labtix - an install-tool (iso) with graphical user interface (GUI) and an installation environment based on Antix, by Thomsen, Labdoo hub Rhein-Ruhr (Germany)

Labtix comes with a set of helpful tools, the above autodeploy-tool by Javier and a Labdoo installer, for those users not used to a terminal.Based on the lean Linux distro Antix, we added

  • the tools GParted (to check, if the disc-drive is working properly),
  • Clonezilla to clone images (as you are used to using Parted Magic),
  • a file manager and
  • Firefox web browser,
  • hardinfo hardware information tool,
  • the autodeploy-script by Javier, a complete and terminal based installation tool and
  • the new Labdoo installer with graphical user interface by Thomsen, for those loving to have a graphical user interface.

One aim was to keep the package size below 700 MB, to fit on a bootable CD, even most helpers will use the iso on a bootable USB-disc. BTW, the name is a merge of Lab(doo) and (An)tix :)

Labtix comes with an optional persistent mode. So you are are able to modify the iso yourself (your changes will be available after a reboot). And you are also able to restore / update the iso and to produce a new, individual iso, adapted to your needs (Antix comes with the needed tool, as well).

Actually there is only a 32 Bit-version of Labtix available, even a 64 Bit version of Labtix would be possible. But Antix 32 Bit runs on any computer (at least it should) and can clone 32 and 64 Bit images even in 32 Bit-mode (PM needs to run in a 64 Bit-mode to clone 64 Bit images)!

So in the end you have a free and complete alternative to our former cloning tools, coming with all needed tools and features.

Labtix will be updated and maintained from time to time. Please check the FTP server for new releases.

Video tutorials (FTP Server)
Watch the tutorials online

A big THANK YOU to Javier and Thomsen, for the important work you did so-far.

We will be glad to receive your feedback, ideas to improve the solutions or bugs found. We will also work on tutorials, but that may last a while. But as not much has changed for the view of a user compared to the PM-based installation process, you should be able to use it within short time.

Visit our Labdoo conference 2018 at Duisburg (Germany) to learn more, see the tools in action and to meet the developers


Javier, Thomsen and Ralf


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This is an outstanding piece of work put together by Ralf, Javier and Thomsen, which will make a difference in the way we sanitize and install educational software onto laptops, specially avoiding the licensing fees from Parted Magic and having our own installation distribution. I know some of the hubs near the region of Barcelona who are using the USB method to install Labdoo images are looking forward to using Labtix now. Thank you also for making good quality documentation!