Problem accessing ftp



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I am trying to upload the Community Development Classes to the labdoo ftp site. ( )

I successfully uploaded most of the class materials by using the "sftp", but I have problem logging in since last week. I am not sure if it's my browser problem or if it's the ftp site??



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Hi Wendy,

access and password have not changes, so I am not sure what is the reason for your problems.

Just 2 comments:
The content of the /Public folder (which you used now) will become part of the images for cloning and each laptop cloned. Here file by file uploads are a good solution (as you did), but please consider of the size of the content. You already uploaded 10 GB of video files. If there is more to come even a 30 or GB disc drive will become to small. For such big data there is another option. You should zip all your files into one large archive (tar.gz, gz, zip, what ever) and upload it here This is a folder to keep large content, which can be added to a laptop, if disc drive is larger. So your have to decide to make this large video material part of each laptop (/Public) or as an optional brick stone ( In case of question please contact me.

Thanks, Ralf