Revised Edoovillage Request Form (Project Site)



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We have decided to update the Edoovillage Request Form. Please translate to the following languages - Catalan / Chinese / French / German / Romanian / Spanish / Italian
a) Project Site - New and revised questions
b) Labdoo Laptop Recipient Agreement - Several clauses and sentences were added or revised. I am only requesting that were added or revised. To see the entire Agreement, please visit


======================English Version======================(Updated 25-02-2019)

Requester Information: (*) is a mandatory field
Requestor’s Name(*):
Requestor’s Email Address(*):
Your Organization(*):
Organization Website / Facebook:
Your Labdoo account user name (
Project Site:
1. Project title or name of your school, project, or NGO - A short title or description for your project(*):

2. Project Description - Please explain about your project and how you will use the laptops (*):
3. Number of students(*):
4. Number of teachers(*):

5. Claimed IT equipments (*)
5.1 Number of Laptops needed(*):
5.2 Number of eBook Reader needed:
5.3 Others needed (Tablet-PCs etc):
5.4 Additional comments:

6. On Site Contact Information / project manager. Please provide at least one way to contact (*):
6.1 Full Name(*):
6.2 Phone(*):
6.3 Email(*):
6.4 Physical address of Organization (street, city, zip code, country...)(*):
6.5 GPS coordinates (click the link to find the coordinates (click the link to find the coordinates: or*):

7. Language
7.1 Local / Preferred language(s)(*):
7.2 Additional information about language(s):
8. Project Location - street, city, state/province, country, zip code - if same as 6.4 please state(*):

9. Access to Internet(*)?
9.1 Internet Connection (yes/no)
9.2 Wired/cable (yes/no)
9.3 Wireless (yes/no)

10. Conditions about the room where the laptops will be installed:
10.1 Is the room secure? [yes / no + brief explanation]
10.2 Can the room be locked in a way that the supervisors (e.g. teachers) can control access? [yes / no + brief explanation]
10.3. Is the room weather-proof? (e.g. does the room protect the laptops from rain, sand, etc?) [yes / no + brief explanation]

11. How did you hear about Labdoo?:
--Search Engine (e.g. Google)
--At local Conference
--At online Conference
--From other organizations/companies,
--Other (please describe)

12. Picture(s) of the school, students, teacher, etc with this Request Form. Please send as file(s) (*):
The picture will be uploaded to your project site

(1.2) Only schools and projects may claim for Labdoo computer donations and not by individuals.
(1.3) Donated items may only be removed from school ground with admittance of Labdoo (example, teachers cannot take laptops outside school). If Labdoo reviser visit your project and discovered donated items are missing, your school / project will be excluded from Labdoo support and CANNOT receive any further donation.

(4.1) The donated items cannot be resold to make money or exchange with other valuable items.
(4.2) If discovered donated items are missing, your school / project will be excluded from Labdoo support and CANNOT receive any further donation.


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THank you, Kazushi, Here's the Chinese translation!

======================Chinese Version======================(25-02-2019更新)
組織網站 / Facebook:
您的Labdoo 帳戶 (請在 網站上註冊一個帳號):
1. 專案或是您学校, 組織名稱 - 請提供一個簡短的說明(*):
2. 專案摘要 - 請为筆記型電腦的目的及用途 提供一個簡短的說明(*):
3. 學生人數(*):
4. 教師人數(*):
5. 所需的電腦數量 (*)
5.1 所需的筆記型電腦數量(*):
5.2 所需的电子书量:
5.3 其它需求 (例如平板電腦):
5.4 其它注释:
6. 當地聯絡人 / 專案管理员資料.請填寫至少一樣聯絡方式(*):
6.1 姓名(*):
6.2 電話(*):
6.3 電子郵件(*):
6.4 實際地址 (請填寫詳細地址,包含國家及街名...)(*):
6.5 GPS 坐標(點擊鏈接以查找坐標. 方法 1 (外部链接) or 方法 2 (外部链接
7. 语言
7.1 當地語言 / 首選語言(*):
7.2 A有關語言的其他註釋:
8. 專案所在位置 - 請填寫詳細地址,包含國家及街名(*)
9. 教室是否可上網(*)?
9.1 沒有網絡? [是/否]
9.2 透過有線連線?[是/否]
9.3 透過無線線?[是/否]
10. 預計安裝筆記型電腦所在教室的條件:
10.1 教室安全嗎? [是/否+簡要說明]
10.2 教室能上鎖, 並可由管理者(如教師)控制電腦的使用嗎? [是/否+簡要說明]
10.3. 教室能防風雨嗎? (教室能保護筆記型電腦免受雨淋,沙塵損壞嗎 ?)[是/否+簡要說明]
11. 您是從何處認識Labdoo?:
--搜索引擎 (例如谷歌)

12. 請隨表附上申請表中的學校,學生,或教師的照片並以文件形式傳送(*):
(1.2) 只有學校和項目可以申請Labdoo電腦捐贈,Labdoo電腦並不提供個人使用。
(1.3) 受贈的捐贈物品只能在Labdoo同意之下自專案學校搬走。(例如,教師不能私自将筆電带出校外)
(4.1) 捐贈的物品不能轉售或以其他物品交換。
(4.2) 如果Labdoo專員發現捐贈物自學校遺失,您的學校/專案將被排除在Labdoo支持之外,並無法再獲得任何捐贈。