Edoovillage #2127 - South Africa, Cape Town: BabesGotBytes


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Edoovillage #2127 - South Africa, Cape Town: BabesGotBytes


94 Ny 7 str
7750 Cape Town
South Africa
33° 58' 51.2508" S, 18° 33' 59.472" E
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Phindiwe Nqanqaru

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BabesGotBytes is a registered NPC (116-641) that teaches and empowers females through technology in disadvantaged communities. We believe that educating females is the key to changing the world. Our aim is not only to teach girls coding but help them with their self-esteem, motivate them and also help them with their school work to improve their school marks. We believe that female leadership will create an environment in which a diverse range of voices and opinions can be heard and utilised.
We have managed to reach out to approximately 300 Females from different schools and out of the community youth. The organisation currently uses the school’s resources to do the work and schools do not have enough coding equipment. We have been running our sessions on Saturdays at a local school because that is the only time they are not using their labs. Eversince the Covid-19 pandemic started, it has become more challenging because of the restrictions put in place, the school had to divide their students in groups so even on Saturdays they run sessions as well. Now we only meet our learners twice a month which is a big issue because you’d find that they had forgotten what they have learned in the last sessions. Although we did consider doing online classes, we figured it wouldn’t work because they do not have access to computers at home.
Getting the laptops will help the organisation to continue with the sessions even during the week. This way we will have enough time in order for us to deliver successful results to create the intended impact, and our learners can spend enough.

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English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu
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Date it was last updated: 28/07/21


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