Edoovillage #2182 - Ecuador, Quito: Mushuk Pakari


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Traveling to this country and you would like to bring a laptop to this project? Reach out to Labdoo and we will help you make the difference.


Edoovillage #2182 - Ecuador, Quito: Mushuk Pakari


Ambato OE9-62 y Av. Mariscal Sucre
Quito , P
12° 6' 50.796" S, 76° 49' 10.956" W
Pichincha EC
Thank you note: 

We appreciate your help in our educational development project with those most in need. Your contribution helps us to continue in our mission, Allowing our children to have the necessary technology for their educational development is invaluable. Thank you very much from all of us who make Awaken and Wiñarina. We can promise your help will make a huge impact not just in our kids lifes but also in the families we work with.

Project title: 
Mushuk Pakari
Number of teachers: 
Number of students: 
On-site point of contact: 

Edison Calvopina. Ambato OE9-62 y Av. Mariscal Sucre - Sector San Roque - Quito - Ecuador

Project description: 

We work with youth of parents who are currently or were formerly in juvenile detention, as well as the parents themselves in order to effectively reinsert each member of the family into society and become productive citizens. We support each participant’s physical, psychological, behavioral, educational, and professional development while cultivating a better quality of life. Finally, we work with society at large to raise awareness about a culture of compassion and social support. We contribute directly and effectively to the solution of the socio-educational problems of the beneficiaries https://fundacionwinarina.org/mushuk-pakari/ https://awaken.com.ec/our-foundation-1-interactive

Yellow: first dootronics can be sent
Number of dootronics needed: 
Dootronics additional notes: 
Laptops that our children can use for educational purposes. We dont have any specific characteristics but laptops that have good space in disk as well as good memory ram will be much apreciated.
Local language(s): 
Socket voltage: 
100-127 Volts
Socket type: 
Internet connection type: 
Date it was created: 22/10/21/
Date it was last updated: 11/04/22


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Dootronic ID Country Status Model Serial number Weight
000030072 Ecuador [S4] Deployed and being used Samsung QX310 ZVPA93BZ900161 2.00Kgms
000030073 Ecuador [S4] Deployed and being used Dell Latitude E5500 COG9K4J 3.00Kgms
000031671 Ecuador [S4] Deployed and being used Samsung ZLN793CSA04690 3.00Kgms
000031672 Ecuador [S4] Deployed and being used Acer Aspire EI-522 NXM81EG0214150D81C6600 3.00Kgms
000031673 Ecuador [S4] Deployed and being used Acer Travelmate LXTZ90307210511B951601 3.00Kgms


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