Nepal, Sindhupalchok: Nepal, Helambu: Yangrima School E-ICT in Sindhupalchok (Mountain Spirit)


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Nepal, Sindhupalchok: Nepal, Helambu: Yangrima School E-ICT in Sindhupalchok (Mountain Spirit)


Region Helambu
27° 57' 4.32" N, 85° 41' 4.488" E
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Nepal, Helambu: Yangrima School E-ICT in Sindhupalchok (Mountain Spirit)
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Tashi Lama

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Yangrima School, a successful 'home-grown' non-governmental educational institute established in 1986. By 2001 it was recognized nationally for its academic achievement, sports and music activities. Yangrima School became a victim of the armed conflict in June 2001 and was forced to close down. The community was not only deprived of quality education but the community itself was hugely affected. People who could, left the villages to find to access education for their children. Many jobs were lost and income sources quickly dried up. Poverty in Yangrima was very high during the years after the incident. This inspired some alumni of the school to form a Yangrima Ex-Students Society (YESS). The determination to re-open the school took several processes and countless meetings among the alumni, experts, local community, government officials and political parties when finally it was reopened with the support from national and international supporter in April 2009 with Grand Opening. The major role was played by the Yangrima Trust was formed in 2008 to provide the legal ground for opening of the school. Further, the financial, administrative, monitoring, management and sustainability was the major responsibility of the Trust.
The new school model is a community school run by a trust. (Yangrima Trust) which includes representatives from ex-students, ex-teachers and local community representatives the Trust is a registered legal entity under Nepalese law. The main objective of the Trust is sustainability and development of the school.
Yangrima Trust was formed under the Ministry of Education of Nepal in 2008. At present the Yangrima Trust consists of five members (Trustees) who are from varied areas of working experience. It governs two other committees called: Yangrima School Management Committee and Yangrima School Administrative Committee. It provides both the main and supporting role for the implementation of different projects in the Helambu region. Yangrima Trust aims to work in different areas of social development but most significantly in the education sector.
The school has introduced Computer Science as a compulsory subject for all the classrooms and also, we have assigned a separate room with white board and seating for computer lab where we think the computer classes can run effectively. We have only 2 laptops at the moment, by which the students have limited access to practical education as computer classes have limited time within which theory has to be completed too. This has made teaching computer science further complicated. If we could have 10 more computers at the school, computer classes will be very exciting as almost each child gets his hands on the computer at least during the computer class.

Yangrima School is situated at an altitude of 2,700m in the Helambu region. The village experiences wet summers (monsoons) and long cold winters (sub-zero). This geographical isolation is served by an Off Road Bus ride of 8 hours from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Despite its proximity to Kathmandu valley the area feels remote and cut off from the city life; its society remains very traditional and economically undeveloped.

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000004625 Nepal [S4] Deployed and being used IBM Thinkpad T60 1952W52L3F3837
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