Edoovillage #2558 - Tanzania, Arusha: TWENDE NA STEM | CHANGE FOR FUTURE


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Edoovillage #2558 - Tanzania, Arusha: TWENDE NA STEM | CHANGE FOR FUTURE


P. O Box 529, USA River, LEGANGA street, nearby Leganga Health Centre
3° 22' 27.9408" S, 36° 32' 39.876" E
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Efraim Malisa

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TWENDE NA STEM is the project that aims at empowering girls women, and youth in science Technology, mathematics, and engineering both on school and out of schools especially those from marginalized communities. The focus of this project is to increase the number of women in science, especially in coding and computational sciences so that they can help to solve different problems from the community to the National level and later the international level. The project will focus on both sexes, emphasizing girls and young women. We have already started with a mentorship program since 2020 which went with awareness creation both in schools and to those who are out of school but they can do something in the world of Science, technology, mathematics, and engineering. The project focuses on only three regions: Arusha, Kilimanjaro, and Manyara. For now, we have started with the Arusha region and look forward to expanding with resource availability. We planned each year to reach up to 7000 girls, young women, and youth from schools, out of schools, and college. This project will expose the beneficiaries to different STEM programs such as computer sciences, ICT, Computational chemistry, physics, biology, data science, and mathematics and build the road for them to opt for appropriate choices based on their talents.
Currently, we are looking for computers that will help us to teach the beneficiaries how to code, solve mathematics problems, develop models, and computational. The age group is from 9 years to 25 years. Later with this project, we want to come up with an academy where people will learn coding, computational biology, chemistry and physics, and modeling based on different issues like climate change and many others.
Currently, we have two teachers and three volunteers.
Through our partners, one of their staff will work with us on the computational part.
Other teachers will join us after securing enough resources including the laptops. Teachers will be trained through various workshops at our head office.
Maintenance of the laptop will be based on the conditions of the donor but we will make sure that the laptops will be kept in our working room no one will take them for personal use only for the beneficiaries.

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Requested, but NOT accepted: 5.1 Number of Laptops needed(*):100 5.2 Number of eBook Reader needed:20 5.3 Others needed (Tablet-PCs etc):20
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English, Swahili
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Date it was created: 29/05/23/
Date it was last updated: 29/05/23


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