Edoovillage #2586 - Uganda, Jinja: Kidron christian nursery and primary school


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Edoovillage #2586 - Uganda, Jinja: Kidron christian nursery and primary school


Kidron christian nursery and primary school
255 Jinja
0° 25' 19.2936" N, 33° 12' 21.852" E
Project title: 
Kidron christian nursery and primary school
Number of teachers: 
Number of students: 
On-site point of contact: 

Mr Mukuya John

Project description: 

Kidron christian nursery and primary school is partially a community based nursery and primary school found in Uganda, established to offer education services to the children in the community as a way to promote its growth and improve the standards of living for the families in the area through education and employment.

Our project is education based and we ought to use the laptops for education purposes. They will serve as a tool to acquire a wide scope of knowledge and also improve the learners
computer skills since it has become a necessity in every part of life in this era.
The laptops will provide and help the students cover the school curriculum in the shortest time possible, so that there's space and time to revise, master and understand what they were taught and relate it to different fields of life as they continue to grow.
The laptops will also help the learners keep track of their assignments, research and improve their question approach.
The laptops will also make learning exciting and interesting for the learners which will keep them wanting to learn more and more.

Green: the rest of the dootronics can be sent
Number of dootronics needed: 
Dootronics additional notes: 
Requested but only partially accepted: 5.1 Number of Laptops needed(*): 30 piecies. 5.2 Number of eBook Reader needed: 5 pieces.
Local language(s): 
Additional information about language(s): 
Internet connection type: 
Date it was created: 06/07/23/
Date it was last updated: 06/07/23


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Dootronic ID Country Status Model Serial number Weight
000044853 Uganda [S4] Deployed and being used Acer Aspire E15 E5-551G NXMLEEG0064450E0A13400 3.00Kgms
000044860 Uganda [S4] Deployed and being used Lenovo G580 WB09416526WB02111410 3.00Kgms


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Dootrip #DepartureOriginDestinationStatusCapacityDootronics assigned
Dootrip #0000034042023-08-09T12:00:00Steinheim an der Murr, GermanyJinja City, UgandaCompleted11
Dootrip #0000034032023-08-09T15:30:00Bamberg, GermanyJinja City, UgandaCompleted11


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