Edoovillage #1345 - Senegal, Dakar: Ekando Kumer; Studentengruppe Siradio


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Edoovillage #1345 - Senegal, Dakar: Ekando Kumer; Studentengruppe Siradio


Siradio Dakar , DA
14° 41' 49.1388" N, 17° 29' 1.68" W
Dakar SN
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Ekando Kumer; Studentengruppe Siradio
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On-site point of contact: 

Studentengruppe in Dakar (Hauptstadt)

EKANDO KUMER, E.g.V. für Schülerpatenschaften und „Stoppt Genitalverstümmelung“/Sudan&Sénégal. Mag. Gudrun Hagen, 5023 Salzburg, Pirolstrasse 25. 0662–66 09 08, g.hagen@aon.at

Project description: 

2022 Two new Laptops were Braucght via Akando Kumer to Senegal and delivered to different students.
Two young children were supported and one grown up student.
Have a look at the images.

Here the information I got 2022 from Senegal:
je m appelle Aminata Barry, je suis etudiante et je vie au senegal. Je tenait á vous remercier pour ce beau cadeau que vous mavait offert et qui me permet aujourd hui mes etudes et je suis vraiment très contente d'avoir reçu ce cadeau de votre part
Aminata Barry

The Girl and the Boy got the other Laptop and use it for education. (Have a look at the Gallery showing the Laptops with those who will use them.

The Students are learning and living together and will use the laptop for their studies.

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15495 English version
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Date it was created: 12/01/19/
Date it was last updated: 05/11/23


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Dootronic ID Country Status Model Serial number Weight
000015495 Senegal [S4] Deployed and being used acer 1362LC LXA3605224449C184DM000
000018672 Senegal [S4] Deployed and being used acer aspire 5250 E304G50Mnkk LXRJY02139146092DF1601
000020499 Senegal [S4] Deployed and being used Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 RF2DC040TXP
000026513 Senegal [S4] Deployed and being used HP 650 5CB24621OT
000030667 Senegal [S4] Deployed and being used Hewlett-Packard; HP ProBook 4520s; 2CE1D411TQ 2.80Kgms
000039114 Austria [S5] Waiting to be repaired or recycled IPad A1430 DMP J3A75DVGL
000046796 Senegal [S4] Deployed and being used MEDION 98300 914U801DS0G713022CAKS008


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