Edoovillage #998 - Congo (Kinshasa), Bukavu: NHBH NEW HOPE FOR BROKEN HEARTS


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Edoovillage #998 - Congo (Kinshasa), Bukavu: NHBH NEW HOPE FOR BROKEN HEARTS


Bukavu Av. Dr. Lurhuma, Commune de Kadutu; PO. BOX: 162
Congo (Kinshasa)
2° 30' 53.4492" S, 28° 50' 36.132" E
Coordinating hub(s): 
Project title: 
Number of teachers: 
Number of students: 
On-site point of contact: 

4.2. Phone: +243 840 251 392, +243 993 207 348
4.3. Email: newhopeforbrokenheart@gmail.com

Project description: 

Education quality in the DR-Congo is very weak due to lake of allocated resources, infrastructure, weak administration, and where education not frees of charge. To study, here is luxury and is a bourgeois deal of a given or chosen people, for elite, for up class and became a deal. Children whose parents cannot afford to pay for school fees don’t have access to education. These children become street child, involve in rebellion group while others are under adult exploitation and work in mine to help their family survive. On the other side, wrong belief according to which education of girls is unproductive as they don’t have competency. They are therefore supposed to stay home doing home services while others involve in adultery early sex or marriage including related consequences. Advocacy about against these discriminations has been brought on national level but less effort are done to tackle them. More concrete effort such as giving access to education of all without discrimination, provide quality education as one of the UNSDs goal to which we are committed are needed. CSSVTE is a palliative initiative/ programme and contribution effort to alleviate this situation. This project want to offer quality education free of charge as New Hope for Broken Hearts is a Charitable and non-profit organization. This project will offer soft skills education to children, young people and second chance education to adult and to help them develop their skills and build personal capacity to become useful for them and the whole community in the UNDGs spirit. The first period of this first year project intend to train or educate 50 pre-primary children/ pupils, 75 primary pupils or children, 75 secondary pupils and eventually second chance education to 100 adults, gender will apply. The project will be run or operated by the New Hope for Broken Hearts’ Education Department that has formed the CSSVTE’s Project Coordinating Unit. The school hosting this project, is build in positive educational environment having classrooms that host workshops and conferences, trainings and other educational meetings and events. The room recently has been innovated and rehabilitated and the majority of the furniture, fixtures has been replaced by new ones. The aim of these innovation and rehabilitation was intended to host the CSSVTE project or programme, the equipment or laptops that will be used for this purpose we are requesting. This programme is tailored by New Hope for Broken Hearts to ensure that children and other beneficiaries have fulfilled their best educational potential and individual development.
New hope for Broken Hearts (NHBH) a Christian Agency and Non-profit non-governmental organization intends through it mission and vision to build a well-being community and to make a world a better place to live. We tailor several programmes to ensure that children and young people, girls, men and women both achieve their best potentials. Education has a power to change many things in human life that why quality education must be the highest and imperative goal. Concerning this programme/project, the laptops we are requesting will be used to provide specifically free soft skills trainings/education among others vocational and technical trainings we runs to children or primary pupils, young people or secondary pupils, girls/women, man and to underserved and non-privileged youth a second chance education, without any form of discrimination. The motivational effect of using laptops with the above different kinds of learners will help them forward building personal development and employability and encourage progression to more formal education. Laptops will give them opportunities for use in a wide range of outreach provision, widening access and participation. The Computer Soft skills Trainings and Vocational Education Project will give opportunities to reaching new types of learner and including more people in learning communities.

Green: the rest of the dootronics can be sent
Number of dootronics needed: 
Dootronics additional notes: 
Requested, but only partial accepted: Number of Laptops needed: 25 Number of eBook Reader needed: 10 Others needed (Tablet-PCs etc): 10
Local language(s): 
English, French
Internet connection type: 
Wired or Wireless
Date it was created: 22/04/19/
Date it was last updated: 22/04/19


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Dootronic ID Country Status Model Serial number Weight
000017921 Congo (Kinshasa) [S4] Deployed and being used ainol Novo 7 Crystal Tablet black NOVO7CRYSTALQUADCORE130708G0000312 0.25Kgms
000017999 Congo (Kinshasa) [S4] Deployed and being used ainol Novo 7 Crystal Tablet black NOVO7CRYSTALQUADCORE130708G0000269 0.25Kgms
000018034 Congo (Kinshasa) [S4] Deployed and being used ainol Novo 7 Crystal Tablet black NOVO7CRYSTALQUADCORE130708G0000365 0.25Kgms
000018035 Congo (Kinshasa) [S4] Deployed and being used ainol Novo 7 Crystal Tablet black NOVO7CRYSTALQUADCORE130708G0000380 0.25Kgms
000018261 Congo (Kinshasa) [S4] Deployed and being used Toshiba NB510-108 6C089536Q 2.00Kgms
000018264 Congo (Kinshasa) [S4] Deployed and being used Lenovo ThinkPad T500 L3AET7H 3.00Kgms
000018265 Congo (Kinshasa) [S4] Deployed and being used Lenovo S10-2 2957 CBG1435079 3.00Kgms
000018266 Congo (Kinshasa) [S4] Deployed and being used HP TouchSmart tm2 CNU0042POT 2.50Kgms
000018282 Congo (Kinshasa) [S4] Deployed and being used Fujitsu Lifebook E780 YL4A117876 3.00Kgms
000018287 Congo (Kinshasa) [S4] Deployed and being used Fujitsu Lifebook E780 YL4A118310 3.00Kgms
000021408 Congo (Kinshasa) [S4] Deployed and being used Toshiba Satellite E45 YE081325S 1.30Kgms
000021410 Congo (Kinshasa) [S4] Deployed and being used SONY VAIO PCG 5K1M VGN CR31Z 3.80Kgms
000021413 Congo (Kinshasa) [S4] Deployed and being used Packarbell easynote LJ71 KBYF0 3.30Kgms
000021588 Congo (Kinshasa) [S4] Deployed and being used Lenovo Z50-70 YB08122183 2.80Kgms
000021714 Congo (Kinshasa) [S4] Deployed and being used Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi 2530 SZXF4200-73902455 3.80Kgms
000021722 Congo (Kinshasa) [S4] Deployed and being used Adroid Tablet BEA0015375
000021723 Congo (Kinshasa) [S4] Deployed and being used Adroid Tablet FNM88RIJKV


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Dootrip #DepartureOriginDestinationStatusCapacityDootronics assigned
Dootrip #0000011182019-07-01T18:30:00Ixelles, BelgiumBukavu, Congo (Kinshasa)Completed1010
Dootrip #0000014392020-02-03T10:45:00Brussels, BelgiumBukavu, Congo (Kinshasa)Completed107


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