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At Labdoo, we use the word dootronics (as in labdoo electronics) to refer to any computer device that can be used for education purposes. A dootronic is therefore any laptop, tablet, ebook or computer device in general that can be loaded with education software and sustainably transported to a needy school. Our current minimum hardware requirement for a donated laptop is Core2 / Duak Core CPU with at least 1 GB (better 2 GB) of RAM.

Dootronics within the Labdoo social network are tracked using a unique tag called the Labdoo ID. A Labdoo ID consists of a unique 9 digit number and a unique QR code. The QR code points to the dootronic URL and provides the functions of traceability and transparency, allowing donors and participants to know the status of their contributed dootronic.

Figure. Each dootronic is tagged with a unique Labdoo ID such as the one in the illustration.

Dootronics follow a set of stages from the time they are introduced into the Labdoo system, through the time they are delivered to a school, and to their final recycling stage in which the laptop is disassembled into reusable parts. These stages allow participants to organize each task around each dootronic in an orderly and transparent manner.

The possible stages a dootronic can go through are:

S0: Tagged with a Labdoo ID
S1: Donated, waiting to pass quality assurance
S2: Passed quality assurance
S3: Assigned to an edoovillage, waiting to be shipped
S4: Deployed and being used
S5: Waiting to be recycled
S6: Recycled
S7: (Deployed in a school library) Checked out
S8: (Deployed in a school library) Available
S9: Deployed but not working
T1: In transit going to an edoovillage
T2: In transit going to a recycling factory
L1: Dootronic was lost

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